" If it's good enough for Kim Kardashian, it's good enough for me.'

Hey girlies,

Hope you're all okay and enjoyed the lovely sunny weather today, have to admit that I did participate in some sunbathing!

Now I purchased my first ever MAC blusher the other week from a blog sale from Jo at All made up, I know, I know, I shouldn't even be blogging about beauty with my lack of MAC products (joke- but I know that some people probably think this) I saw this blush and fell in love with it. Pink Swoon was indeed the blush I bought and this is right up my street- a gorgeous girly baby pink.

I LOVE pink blushers especially ones that are ones that you could imagine Barbie wearing. I am such a stereotypical girl sometimes! Also Pink Swoon is rumoured to be one of Kim Kardashian's favourite blushes and she always looks amazing.

Now I was so excited when this arrived, I got it for a great price, the blush was in perfect condition and Jo had even sent a couple of sachets of face masks and a little Clinique mascara which was a lovely little surprise.

I do really like this blush, it looks quite bright in the pan but you do have to work to get a good colour pay off. It's a sheertone so it's very sheer and subtle. It's a lovely colour and it lasts all day.

I posted a picture of me wearing this in a previous post which can be found here, I really like this blush and I cannot wait to try some more from MAC. I just wish I had an endless budget so that I could buy lots of high- end make up as there is so much that I want!!

I hope you've all had a lovely day, and enjoy your evening :)



  1. That look gorgeous, I don't own any Mac but would like to try some, what a great buy :-) oh by the way I'm about to mention you in my latest post :-) x

  2. Love it- totally going on my wishlist! xx

  3. oo loving this, cant go wrong with doll like/barbie looking blush :) xx

  4. wow this is soo pretty :D must check it out! x

  5. This looks so pretty! I like the fact that it can be built on - it's so much easier to apply more than take some away :) xx

  6. I tried this and found it to be too sheer but I'm impatient and want full on colour with one swipe lol. Looks gorgeous on you! :) xx

  7. When I first saw the pan shade of this I thought oh no! But it looks truly lovely on your hand, MAC can never go wrong with their shades!!

  8. The colour looks gorgeous, I can't wait to get some more MAC blushers!

  9. This is the blush I've been thinking of buying next! I quite like that you need a heavy hand with it as I like to be able to build it up as I'm a bit cackhanded and find it easy to end up looking like a clown!xx

  10. I love the Mac blushers, I recently bought one of their pigmented ones which gives the best colour. If you get the chance, you should try. xxx

  11. The title made me LOL! Yay glad you like your first MAC blusher, I'm still in love with my first one :D

  12. Catherine- Thanks lovely :) I can't wait to try more MAC blushes! x

    Jessica May- It's gorgeous, definitely recommend! x

    Sophie Lou- I know, love barbie blushes! x

    Cosmetic- Junkie- Yes do it! x

    Nicola- It is lovely and that's very true :) x

    Golden Glow- Lol I'm the same, I like very pigmented blushes but it's nice one for natural days! x

    Holly Arabella- It is less scary than what it looks! x

    Rachel- Ooh snap, can't wait to try more! x

    Emily- Yeah it is lovely! x

    Mo- Yeah I will be trying some more definitely!x

    Yu- Lol, ooh I'm sure I'll love this for a long time! x

  13. That color looks pretty, but the fact that you really have to work for the color payout kind of deters me from trying it.


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