' Nice weather for ducks'

Hey girlies!

Hope you're all okay, just a little outfit post from me tonight as I haven't posted one in ages. Tonight we went for a pub dinner with my boyfriend Henry's Dad and Step mum, we had a lovely meal and we're off for a day out in Portsmouth tomorrow which I'm looking forward too as I've never been there!

Now it's been very drizzly grey weather today but that didn't stop me from getting my legs out though, now that it's June, I feel it's summer and it's too warm to wear jeans ( even if it's cold/raining)

Dress: New Look
Belt: Primark
Wedges: Tesco 
Earrings: H&M ( letting out my inner chav- I feel a bit Tulisa N-Dubz wearing these!)

This is just a little dress from New Look which I think I've worn on here before, although I didn't end up wearing these wedges in the end but these were a bargain, I think they were like £5.00 from Tesco last summer.

My posietint cheeks and very large pores. 

Now also today I picked up Glamour which this month have the Benefit tint freebies, to be honest the freebie is so, so small. I picked up with Posietint as I like a pink cheek and this is what I'm wearing in this pic along with MAC pink swoon which I'll a proper review on soon.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend :)



  1. oooh Corrie your hair looks amazing! Cheryl would be even more jealous now its even longer :) Love that dress, so pretty! xxx

  2. You look incredible. Most amazing pins and the hair is lovely!

  3. I usually an not huge into floral print, but this is lovely :) And those coral wedges are divine! Loving the blog makeover too!

  4. Wow, look at those legs! xx

  5. You look stunning as always. And I love your new blog design xx

  6. you look lovely!
    I just got the benetint one myself. love it <3

  7. What a pretty dress! Love floral print. (:

  8. You look amazing in that dress!!! <3

  9. Lovin the new layout and rocking the tulisa look :)


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