Summer Wedding- OOTN

Hey Girlies!

I'm back! Had a lovely weekend back home but back in my little flat now after what seemed like the longest train journey ever today.

I don't know if I mentioned on here or not but I went to a wedding on Saturday night, it was a great night which was full of lots of dancing, my sister being very 'happy' after a couple of Malibu & cokes and lots of fun. Thought I would just show you all what I wore to the event :)

As we only went to the evening do, I decided to get something that I knew I would wear again and I'm pretty sure with this dress, I will wear it again and again! I got this little beauty from Zara and I love it. I love this shape as I feel it flatters my petite frame and also loved the colours ( so summery.)

Some snaps of our outfits + a couple of funny poses from the night 

My outfit:
Dress: Zara
Shoes: River Island 

Hayley's Outfit:
Dress: Topshop
Cardi: Peacocks
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins 

Mum's Outfit:
Dress: House of Fraser
Shrug: Debenhams
Shoes: Next 

I'm sorry the photos are a bit duff but I didn't take my Nikon back with me and I noticed such a difference between a normal digital camera and my Nikon. I couldn't get the lighting right at all and I look really pale in the face shots but I assure you I wasn't!

All my make- up is exactly the same as it always is, the only new thing I used was a Topshop cream blush- Head Over Heels which I will do a detailed review of soon :) I also had some eyelash extensions whilst I was home.. but again a follow up to come :)

Hope you all have had a lovely day, tonight I am going to chill as I am exhausted from my busy weekend!



  1. I was going to buy that dress! It looks gorgeous on you, as does your makeup :) xxx

  2. Oh you look so beautiful. I absolutely love love love your eye makeup here especially. Your whole family look beautiful!

  3. You look gorgeous and so brown! x

  4. You look very pretty, and I love your dress! :)
    Hope you had a great time xx

  5. I love your dress! You look lovely, it looks like you had a great time :) x

  6. Aw Corrie you look beautiful, can't stop looking at your shoes!!xxx

  7. Lovely FOTD- your lashes are awesome! BTW I tagged you for a blog award!

  8. Love the dress- it really suits you.
    Great post xx

  9. Love the dress, you look so pretty!

    Amy x

  10. Lauren- Thanks love :) it's a fab dress, you should get it!:) x

    Holly Arabella- Thanks lovely :) I just used my Naked palette! x

    Golden Glow- Thanks love :) may of had a cheeky sunbed!whoops x

    Hannah- Thanks sweet :) had a lovely night! x

    DaintyMakeup- Thanks love, had a fab time! x

    Lauren Rose- Thanks lovely :) good ol river island! x

    Krystal- Thanks sweet :) thanks for the award :) x

    Jessica May- Thanks lovely :) x

    Catherine- Thanks sweet x

    Amy- Thanks love :) x


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