' The higher the hair, the closer to heaven'

Hi Girlies!

As most of you all know, I am a BIG fan of Cheryl Cole. She is ultimately my idol and more importantly my hair idol. I absolutely love her look circa 2008 where she rocked a big and bouncy blow dry where-ever she went. It has always been a mission of mine to get my hair that big and that bouncy. Today I may of found the product to help me achieve Cheryl like hair.

So what is this product? It is indeed Batiste dry shampoo XXL Volume. Now dry shampoo isn't the most glamorous of beauty products. It used to be grey, smell strong and was something you used when you'd overslept.  Now Batiste has brought out an amazing new range of dry shampoos, the new shades, flavours, etc actually make you not want to wash your hair.

I'd heard good things about XXL Volume and to be honest I bought it and was a little sceptical. Having long hair, I do always struggle to keep my hair 'big'. Lots of backcombing is usually needed which is never good for your hair. Now here's the best bit. When using XXL volume, I didn't need to backcomb at all. Yes that's right no backcombing.

Hello big hair!
Top: H&M
Shorts: Miss Selfridge 

Now I bought my can from Boots for £3.99. All you do is spray it, massage into roots and then brush it out. I never actually brushed it out, I just really massaged so all the grey disappeared. I soon found that my roots were instantly lifted and gave me big hair that I'm sure Cheryl herself would be jealous of! But if you're not going to brush it out like I did, make sure you really rub it in so you don't look like your Aunt Mabel. ( I actually don't have an Aunt Mabel, but you get my drift.)

I apologise for the posey picture and please ignore my nose, it looks like a ski slope here. Concentrate on the root lift!

Now with most products there is a little flaw, this did make my roots feel very odd. Like almost dry. To be honest this doesn't bother me too much as I would rather have big hair.

Would I recommend this product? Hell to the yes. It's worth every 399 pennies and means my days of backcombing may be over! But be warned having this big hair may make you want to walk round with a fake Geordie accent muttering "my hair has it's mojo back." ( Or maybe this was just me.)

So there we have it, big hair and a big thumbs up from me. Have a lovely evening folks :)



  1. This looks fab! It certainly has made your hair lovely and bouncy :) ps. love the shorts xxx

  2. Your hair looks lovely here :)

    Sarah xx

  3. Can I have the view from your balcony please? None of the flats have balconys here : (

    I love your hair though! I saw this in morrisons the other day but I couldn't decide whether or not it'd be worth the money, your barnet says yes though!


  4. Totally off topic but I LOVE your striped bandeau! Your outfit looks great xxx

  5. corr you look amazing!! I might have to run and buy this.. xx


  6. LOL Corrie you crack me up! This looks really lovely I've seen this around but since I hated my first bottle of Batiste I'm a bit skeptical - but I might have to give it a go anyway, I suffer from flat hair!

  7. Personally I thought this product was awful, it dried my hair and left awful build up!

  8. This looks amazing, I need this in my life! I love your outfit btw, the shorts are gorgeous! x

  9. I've read some good and bad about this but your hair looks amazing, very Chezza Cole! Def going to give it a try.
    Also love your outfit, the shorts look fab on you.


  10. Your hair looks freakin' amazin'! I might have to try this. I've used L'Oreal's Very Volume supreme hold hairspray for an age now, amazing for volume that lasts all night!

    ps. Love your shorts, too! Skinny minnie :)


  11. Your hair looks lush!! Deffo will be trying that out tomorrow night when I go out. Loving your outfit!! Those shorts are lush xxx


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