Holiday Slap...

Hey girlies!

Hope you're all okay and have all had a lovely Thursday, mine has been spent mostly chilling with a quick pop into town to order our new mattress for our new flat! It's also my boyfriend's birthday tomorrow so I've been making sure that everything is all ready for him :)

Now yesterday I posted my holiday outfits and tonight I'm going to show you what I wore on my face whilst away. I always take way too much make up with me when I go abroad well to be honest whenever I go anywhere I take too much. My face actually seemed to tan on this holiday so my foundation which is usually like three times darker for my face is now actually too pale!

Luckily the skin has cleared my skin up quite a bit so going foundation less hasn't been too scary. I also found that with my eyelash extensions, I didn't need mascara which also is a big time saver.

Here's a look that I sported most nights whilst away:

I used:

Maybelline 24 hr Concealer- Not much to write home about here, it's a concealer that conceals blemishes and spots rather well. Does it stay put for 24 hours? No and to be honest I've never left my concealer on for 24 hours straight because if you did, you really would need it for spots. Maybe that's why they suggest you leave it on for 24 hours so you keep buying it because you get spots? Aaah.. I think I'm going slightly mad.

YSL Touche Eclat- This is like a cult product within the beauty industry and I received for my birthday off my Mum. I love this, it covers your eye bags and makes you look like you've had 12 hours sleep. Yes I know on holiday you're not supposed to have eye bags, but when your an sun worshipper there is not time for lie ins, you make the most of every hour that the sun shines.

Bobbi Brown Bronzer- Natural- I love this, a gorgeous matte brown that covered up all my pesky pale spots from the concealer! It's not too flat and makes you look lovely and sun kissed, love it, love it, love it.

Bourjois Rose D'or blush- I've raved about this before so I won't bore you too much. It's great, it's gives you glowy cheeks and it smells nice. Job done.

Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette- Nuff said.

Maybelline gel eyeliner- I know this has a much longer name but I can't quite recall it right now and you all know what eyeliner I mean. This is great, lasts all day, looks striking and well wish I'd discovered this before.

Fake Bake Shimmer Brick- Again another raved product of mine, glowy, shimmery, lovely.

MAC Creme d'nude lipstick- this started to look too pale by the end of the week but it's still my favourite lipstick at the moment. Smells good enough to eat.

And that's it, it does look like alot of make up written down but it didn't feel as much as I normally put on! I bought a couple of new products yesterday in Superdrug so I can't wait to do a proper review on them!

Hope you all have a lovely evening, I'm off to continue putting my holiday pictures on Facebook!



  1. You look so gorgeous and glowy!!xxx

  2. I really like the shimmer on your cheeks!

  3. the bourjois blush looks gorgeous on you. jealous of your long lashes :)

    please visit my blog :)

  4. your make up looks fab xxxxx

  5. Lauren Rose- Thanks sweet :) x

    Holly Arabella- Thank you :) good old fake bake shimmer!x

    Jillian- Thank you lovely :) x

    Frilly-lace-knickers- Thanks it's from Cath Kidston! x

    Kirstyb- Thank you sweet :) x


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