It's all about Primark..

Hey girlies!

Hope you're all okay :) just a quick little outfit post from me today, I wore this a couple of days ago to nip into town and hand in our old flat keys! I realised that my whole outfit is from Primark, but to be honest, I think the shorts could be from Topshop. They're black denim and they were only £5.00, what a bargain eh!

At the moment whenever I pop into Primark, I'm left slightly disappointed. I seem to be really loving places like Topshop and Miss Selfridge which of course isn't great for the bank balance! I also have been LOVING Mollie from The Saturdays style lately and have been coveting anything she's been wearing at the moment as I think we have a similar style and she wears high street clothes :)

Blouse: Primark £8.00
Vest: Primark £3.00
Shorts: Primark £5.00
Pumps: Primark £8.00 
Gormless face: Models Own. By that I mean my face not Models Own the nail varnish brand!

This is also the start of outfit shots on the balcony :) hooray. Hope you all have a lovely evening...



  1. Cute outfit :).

    Sadie xx

  2. wish we had Primark here in Canada :( Such cute pieces for amazing prices!

  3. love the whole outfit, especially the blouse! i was going to buy one just like that the other day for about £25! A trip to primark is definitely in order! x

  4. Love your outfit! You've made me want to go to Primark, I haven't been in agesss! xxx

  5. Ah I feel the exact same as you! Everyone seems to find lovely things in Primark but I always want to buy clothes from Topshop etc. = I'm now skint! I would happily wear anything Mollie wears, she always looks fab!
    Your outfit is lovely, especially that blouse :}

  6. Cute outfit, I love Molly's style too!
    Your apartment looks really plush too!

  7. Love the outfit! I love primark too! I think we have the same name just different spellings :) xxx

  8. you have a gorgeous balcony, i really like mollies style as well!

  9. Ohmygosh, I love Mollie's style as well! Love this outfit, especially your top <3 Your blog is lovely, I followed :)

  10. gorgeous outfit, I love how cheap you got your shorts! And yeah Primark is a bit boring at the moment!

    Julia @ Retro Jules

  11. It may have been you I've seen wearing a diff coloured blouse but exactly the same and I've been looking in Primark since but can never find it :( This white one is gorgeous! As usual, very chic outfit! :)

  12. Love the outfit!
    I saw a similar blous in Tesco today in a corally colour! xx

  13. You have such a gorgeous figure and a gorgeous face and gorgeous hair! jealous, doesnt come close!!! xxxx

  14. Sadie- Thank you :) x

    Jessica- aww no, you can get some good stuff! x

    Dainty Makeup- Thank you :) ooh yeah head to primark! x

    Glimmer and Glow- Thank you :) x

    Charlotte- Lol I know it's pain isn't it! I want Mollie's wardrobe! Thank you :) x

    Sophia- Thank you :) x

    Ginge- Thank you :) Ooh how strange!! x

    Holly Arabella- Thank you :) I know, I want her wardrobe! x

    Jillian- Thanks sweet :) x

    Summer- Thank you :) x

    Julia- Thank you lovely :) x

    Yu- Lol They did bring it back out again a few weeks back, they also had a mint one too! Thank you :) x

    Jessica May- Thank you :) ooh sounds nice! :) x

    Hollie- Aww thank you :) don't be silly though!! x


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