Let's get Naked. In the day.

Hey girlies!

Don't worry, I'm not actually writing a post on getting naked! I don't think the world would be quite ready to see my white bits and I like clothes way too much! I'm actually on about my new favourite daytime look using my very well loved Urban Decay Naked palette, if you've not heard of this palette, then where have you been?

The much coveted palette is a firm favourite within the beauty blogging community and I LOVE mine. I think that it is my favourite and most treasured make up buy of 2011. Praise indeed eh. Now I have been wearing the same couple of colours every day for a few months now and a little post by the lovely Laura ( who else is mightily glad she is back blogging?) Made me think about maybe mixing my daytime Naked look up a bit.

Laura had suggested using the colours Naked and Buck together to create a soft, daytime appropriate smokey eye. Me being me decided this didn't have 'enough' for me, so I added a couple of colours to create this little concoction.

Here's what I used.

♥First of all I used Virgin all over my eyelid and right up to my brow bone. I like having a pale base to work with. 

♥ Next Naked was used over my eyelid. 

L-R- Buck, Half Baked, Smog 
♥ Then I used Half Baked in the inner corner of my eye and on the eye lid but stopped half way. I know this sounds a little odd but luckily the neutral colours mix together so you can't notice the divide in colour. 

♥Then I applied Buck to the crease in my eye, I used a circular motion when applying to get a real smokey effect. 

♥Finally I used a smidgen of Smog and applied it on top of Buck in the crease to intensify the brown and add a little shimmer. 

Please excuse the awful eyebrows, believe me I am just as disgusted at them as you are!

And voila, there we go.  A really simple daytime look that I really love, it's great for adding a little shimmer but isn't so much shimmer that you look like a TOWIE cast member. 

So there we go, I hope you liked this little tutorial :) what's your favourite combo in the Naked palette?
Hope you all have a lovely evening :) 



  1. This looks lovely on you! Love the idea of half baked in the inner corner x

  2. That looks really nice!


  3. It's all about Buck all over the lid and Smog on the outer corners for me! xo

  4. This post makes my day :) My naked palette comes everywhere to me - even the boy has commented on 'that bloody thing you cart about everywhere' :D

    Your look is very similar to a daytime one I do. Another one I like is Virgin as a base all over the eye, Naked blended right into and above the crease for definition, Buck added in the outer third of the crease to deepen the socket, then a tiny bit of Darkhorse in the outer V to contour.

    Half-Baked may be my favourite colour ever, goes so well with brown eyes!


  5. Lauren Rose- Thank you :) you should try it would look lovely! x

    Princess Juicy- Thanks sweet :) x

    Sophia- Ooh I will have to try this out! x

    Rachel- ooh glad it's not just me! Ooh I will try that as it sounds lovely :) x

  6. I love this! The only colour that really disappoints me in the palette is sidecar, it's just massive glitter!!! :( x

  7. Hi loving your style blog posts :) i love the nuetral smokey eye look!
    Cory xxxx
    check littledashofspice.blogspot.com if you like :) x

  8. This is a lovely look.
    I much prefer a softer smokey look with brown shades rather than heavy dark colours.

  9. Nice make up! Loving the blog!

    Following! x

  10. Lovely look, Half Baked looks so pretty on the inner corner!


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