My obsession with blusher continues...

Hey girlies!

Long time no speak! Sorry for the lack of blogging, but if you follow me on Twitter you will know that I have moved flats! We got the keys for our new flat last Monday, so this week has been full of packing, unpacking and all that malarky that comes with moving. We're almost there now, however I am struggling to fit all my clothes into the new flat ( the old flat had a massive mirrored wardrobe, new flat has a normal sized wardrobe.) The new flat definitely has less storage but there is the massive bonus of the fact we now have a balcony looking out to the sea and a separate bedroom! Our old flat was a studio flat so the living room, kitchen and bedroom were all essentially in the same room. It's so lovely to have that separation and if my boyfriend wants to stay up watching TV or if I do, the other can go to bed without being disturbed. I know having a separate bedroom isn't a luxury but it is for us!

Now moving on to my actual post which is on Me, Me, Me cosmetics new Shimmer Stack. Me, Me, Me definitely seem to have upped their game and have launched lots of new products within a short amount of time. Their shimmer stacks are one of their latest new offerings. I was browsing Superdrug (as you do) and saw this little gem, now as well as having the usual shimmer stack/bricks shades which you use for highlighting etc there was also Pink Fizz which is essentially a blusher stack.

Now some beauty bloggers have a certain item of make up which is their 'thing'. For example the lovely Vivianna's 'thing' is lipsticks, esp MAC lippies! I think that I finally know what my 'thing' is... Blusher.

So when I saw Me, Me, Me's shimmer/blush stack, I just knew I had to have it. The stack is full of gorgeous pink/ coral shades which give the most gorgeous glow. I love the fact you can use just one colour or mix all of them together. This will definitely save me space in my make up bag as essentially you have all the blush colours you need in one product. There also is a highlighting strip but I've tended to stay away from that as I prefer to highlight after applying my blush.

You can also get the shimmer stacks in the shades Gold and Bronze which look like exact dupes for the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick. Now I'm pretty sure I picked this up for £8.49 but I can't seem to find a price online so if that's not the price, don't blame me!!

I apologise for the rubbish picture, this gives you the idea of the glowy look it gives you :) it's actually much pinker in real life!

Okay then, I better get off and do something productive like more unpacking etc, I hate moving, remind me to never move ever again! Hope you all have a lovely weekend :)



  1. Im a blushaholic, too :) I know what your mean about moving- I just moved to a new state and it is such a pain. I used to live in a studio with my partner as well, and now we live in a two bedroom apartment. Having doors isn't just a luxury but a necessity lol

  2. I think im a blusher person too, although i really love lipsticks aswell! I've never tried any mememe products, this looks so pretty on you though x

  3. Shimmer is so stunning on you, I love the look of this palette!

  4. I'm forever searching for the perfect blush - I'm really pale so the pinky tones in this palette definitely appeal!
    The shade really suits you in the picture, though :)

  5. nice blog :)

    feel free to follow me(new):

  6. You look great babe! <3
    I've been following your blog for a while and I think its amazing! So I awarded you with the best blog award, check it out on my page if you have time xx

  7. Just came across and wanted to say hello! Nice blog, I love your header!

  8. the shimmery blush gives your cheek a nice pop of glow :)
    you look pretty

    The Fashion Cycle

  9. That blush is really pretty on you :) x

  10. You look lovely and tanned! The blush looks gorgeous on you xxx

  11. Krystal- Yay to blusheraholics :) I know, having doors is lovely!! :) Hope you've settled well into your new flat! x

    Daintymakeup- Ooh yes do try some, they're good value and nice products too! x

    Holly arabella- Thank you :) it is lovely! x

    Francesca- Yeah I'm sure it will suit all skintones! Thanks :) x

    Cherry- Thanks sweet :) x

    Leyla- Thanks :) x

    Abi- Thank you :) thank you for the award, so sweet of you :) x

    London Loves- Hello! Thank you :) x

    Jillian- Thanks lovely :) x

    Stefany- Thank you sweet :) x

    Glimmer and Glow- Thank you :) x

  12. I've been loving blusher lately and the new "MeMeMe" products look gorgeous! That blusher looks so pretty on you :}


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