My Comfort Blanket

Hey Girlies!

You know how babies and children sometimes have a comfort blanket? Something that they snuggle up to and feel warm and safe?! Well lately I have been finding that a Topshop cardigan has become my comfort blanket. We all certain items of clothing in our wardrobe which we put on when we're cold, or want to get comfy etc. My topshop cardigan has been the aide that I've been turning to lately. I got this cardi from Topshop in the month of May. I wasn't sure of it at first and even though it had been reduced from it's original price, I wasn't sure and even took the liberty of searching for the receipt to take it back. Luckily I couldn't find the receipt and it's been a staple in wardrobe ever since.

With the British 'summer' being ever so changeable, this cardi has been great for keeping me warm and also being really comfy. The outfit below is what I've been rocking quite alot lately, and it is fact what I wore to go see The Inbetweeners film last night (go see it's hilarious!) I think I will definitely be taking this cardi with me to the airport on Sunday!

Cardi: Topshop
Top: Topshop
Shorts: Topshop
Shoes: Primark 

I'm wearing my new Illasmaqua blush Lover in these pictures too...

Have you got an item in your wardrobe that is a staple for you?

Okay I think this will be my last post for a couple of weeks now, I'm off back home tonight for the weekend before we jet off to Crete on Sunday morning. I've decided against taking my laptop back as I doubt I'll have time to do a blog post. I hope you all have a great couple of weeks :) I'll still be on twitter this weekend though @dizzybrunette3 :)



  1. It's so pretty! I have one really chunky cardi from Primark that I adore over the winter :) And Lover looks GORGEOUS on you!

    Will miss you Corrie, have an AMAZING time! :)

  2. Girl you look stunning in this picture! Your tan is just fab. I really need one of these cozy cardigans, too. It's started to cool off in Detroit. Have an amazing vacay!

  3. Love the Cardi! The style & color are really pretty.

  4. Haha all my bfs hoodies are like for me!

    Hope you have a lovely holiday!

  5. love that cardigan! I love having something to snuggle up to... probably the only good thing about winter oh and xmas of course :)
    I'm loving your blog... now following! xx

  6. Haha my Uggs are my comfort blankets :) Love them :) x

  7. I love the colour of that cardi! Great for winter :) I don't really have a comforting item of clothing but i'll be looking to get one this winter for sure xxx

  8. ah this is a real nice picture of you, I also love a nice cardigan, you can`t really go out without on here in the UK.

  9. I have a very similar topshop cardigan that is too my comfort blanket! I bought it about 2 sizes too big though so love it even more (only for the house.)
    Hope you have a fab time on holiday. xx

  10. The cardigans gorgeous! All of your outfits are lovely, and that Illamasqua blush sets off your tan perfectly. Have a lovely holiday :)

    Leah @



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