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Hey Girlies!

Hope you're all okay and safe where ever you are.

I've never really ever been experimental with my lipstick, I feel that my teeth stops me from wearing 'out there' colours, strange I know. I have always, always been a nude lipstick kind of girl, I find that this is the colour that suits me the most and if it ain't broke then don't fix it eh?

I'm going to tell you about my favourite lip combo, a mixture of high end and high street products. The two lip products that I am never without these days is MAC's Creme D' Nude lipstick and The Body Shop's Watermelon lip balm.

A funny concoction I know but it totally works. I finally bit the bullet and bought Creme D'nude from MAC after trying what seemed like every possible nude shade of lipstick on the high street. I always thought, I don't need a high end lipstick but you seriously notice the difference when you do make that purchase.

My Creme D'nude smells gorgeous, almost a vanilla scent that smells so yummy you could eat it up. I've also found that Creme D'nude is a natural nude that doesn't look like you've slathered concealer on your lips. I find the formula lasts a hour or so without eating or drinking which isn't too bad I spose.

I pair Creme D'nude with The Body Shop's watermelon lip balm. When we were younger my Mum used to be a Body Shop party representative. This meant that the house was always full of Body Shop products and some products remind myself and my sister of our childhood. The fruit scented lip balms is one of these products. We both decided to pick up the watermelon version as it's the most natural colour of the lip balms and smells gorgeous. This is like a gloss but not as sticky, it adds another dimension to your lipstick without being gloopy. The scent also lingers for ages which in my eyes is a good thing.

I noticed the other day that my Creme D'nude lipstick is getting lower and lower, I'm thinking of maybe getting Shy Girl next which is described as a peachy nude and I think this might be quite nice for my holiday, have you tried it? What's your favourite lip products?

Hope you all have a lovely evening and stay safe. x



  1. I really like Shy Girl, but my favourite lipstick of all time is Hue, its gorgeous and because its a glaze you dont need to wear any gloss. I have a love- hate relationship with lip gloss lol.

  2. I have Shy Girl and I love it :) It's so pretty. It would also look really nice with this lip balm put over it, you have to get it :) xxx

  3. It looks gorgeous on you but I'm not sure it would suit my super pale skin z=

  4. I have neither Shy Girl or Creme d' Nude but they both look great whenever I see them.
    those balms remind me of when I was little and my dog demolished my rasberry one :) x

  5. Last time I bought a Creme d'nude by Mac i was so disappointed as the smell was weird kinda like old smelly lipstick and it "broke" in two after a week!!!! So gutted :( but the colour was very lovely .
    My fav lip combo is Myth by Mac and Revlon in Petal.
    I love the texture of myth even if can be a bit drying at times :)

  6. I don't suit colours like this but it looks really lovely on you! :) xxx

  7. Claire- Ooh that's good then! I've heard alot about Hue but I think it will be quite similar to creme d'nude but it's good you don't need anything over the top! x

    Amy- Ooh you're tempting me, I will definitely be looking for it at duty free! x

    Gaby- Ah thank you :) I think it would suit most colours tbh :) x

    Lauren Rose- ah that's good then :) haha I know they are something that was always popular when we were little! x

    Marilou- Oh no, mine doesn't smell old though! I have heard that it breaks with some people so I've been sooooo careful with it! Ah sounds good :) x

    Daisy- Ah thank you Daisy :) x

  8. Hue is my fav nude, though I think i'l defos be looking at this one in duty free!

  9. Love nude lip colours too! That MAC one is lovely xx

  10. Love this on you! I was wondering about getting creme d'nude for ages so I think I will after seeing how great it looks on. I like how natural it is and it's great with the balm underneath it xx

  11. I swatched Shy Girl and fell in love! Trouble is, it's more of a "summer" shade so I don't know how much wear you'd get out of it :s


  12. Rachel- Aw I've heard alot about Hue! :) x

    Victoria- I know, they're the best :) x

    Rachel- Aw thank you :) it's really lovely and natural looking :) x

    Sophia- Ah really, I'll swatch it at the airport and see what it looks like, I'm always so fussy with my lipstick! x


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