My first ever video- Barry M & Models Own nail polishes

Hey girlies!

Well I finally bit the bullet and recorded my first ever video. I decided to start with my favourite 5 Barry M and Models Own nail polishes.

The polishes mentioned are:
Barry M:
Flamingo Pink
Top Turqiouse
Peach Melba
Dusky Mauve

Models Own:
Lemon Meringue
Lilac Dream
Nude Beige
Pastel Pink

I hope you like my video, I apologise for my scary eyes and messy hair!

My Youtube channel is here: LINK

Have a good evening :)



  1. You are so adorable and funny, and your british accent is just too cute.I agree I NEVER match my nails and my toes nail polishes LOL but it's ok to do an exception to the rule once in a while. Peach Melba looks fabulous I need this little gem in my life. I've wanted Dusky Mauve for soooo long and I just saw that they were selling it on Asos. Yay!!!
    I can't decide either which brand I like the most, they're both so affordable and with amazing colours.
    You have such great tastes in nail polishes, do you want to be my nail polish buddy ? LOL
    more videos to come I hope! xx

  2. This was really helpful :D You were great on camera! More videos please :D xxxx

  3. awe don't be nervous! You have a lovely presence on camera.
    <3 Jessica

  4. Yes I agree you are very cute on camera and you have a great presence and your hair looks great!!!
    I really like Top Turquoise.
    Would love to see more videos :)

  5. I can agree with the nervousness! I really want to start videos but I'm scared! You've done an amazing job! Well done.

    Leah xx

  6. I think you did a great job and should do lots more videos. You remind me of Mia Sara (she was in Ferris Bueller's Day Off).

  7. Marilou- Ah thanks Marilou you're very kind, my sister says I sound cockney in this video! Weird! Ha I know once every so often is alright eh! Peach Melba is gorgeous and it's my favourite colour of the moment! Ah thank you and like I said on twitter I will be your nail polish buddy!! I will make some very soon :) x

    Lilley- Ah thank you :) I'm glad you found it useful! I will make some soon :) x

    Jessica- Ah thank you jessica :) x

    SaoirseD- Ah thank you :) I will try and make some more very soon :) x

    Leah- Yeah it is scary, it's taken me to film about five videos before I put one up! Thank you lovely! x

    Sarah. S- Ah thank you, I will be putting some more up soon :) ah thank you (goes to google :)) x

  8. It's so nerve wracking isn't it! I always film myself saying hello about 10 times then getting tongue tied and having to restart hehe. You did a really great job chick im off to subscribe xxx


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