My Look Show Blogging Competition Entry:

Hey girlies,

Now today's post is a  little different to normal, I've been umming and aahing on whether to enter the Look magazine blogger competition but after much deliberating, I have decided to bite the bullet as you only live once right?

So here's my entry: 

I know my blog here at Dizzybrunette3 isn't a 'fashion' blog, it's mainly beauty with a few cheeky outfit posts thrown in for good measure. But this doesn't mean that I don't love fashion. Oh no, J'adore fashion. (That french GCSE came in handy after all ;))

One of my favourite pastimes is snuggling on the sofa with fashion magazines such as Look and picking out the latest trends and seeing how I can adapt them. Being a petite 5ft 2, I try to adapt fashion to suit me and my childlike figure. You don't have to be rich, stick thin or 6ft tall to be fashionable. I firmly believe you are fashionable if you wear what you want to wear.

So would I be any use on the front row of the catwalk of The Look Show? 

Yes - I've always loved writing which is why I initially started blogging. I love blogging as it means that I can write about two loves of mine fashion and beauty. 

Every day I scour fashion magazine websites such as Look and see what my favourite celebrity style icons have been stepping out in. This gives me inspiration for my outfits, everyone tries to be original with their fashion sense but sometimes we need a little nudge in the right direction! 

My celebrity style icons who I turn to when I'm in a style rut:

I am what you'd call a 'High Street Princess', being a student at university means that my student loan budget won't stretch to designer items. So to be at The Look Show and seeing what this season's picks are from my favourite high street stores would be amazing for a high street junkie like myself. 

Can you tell that I like shorts?! 

Growing up I always struggled finding my own 'style' but now at the age of twenty, I feel I have finally found a style that is mine. A staple item in my wardrobe is shorts. I wear these all the time and everyone who knows me knows that shorts are my 'thing'. I think it's good to have a staple item that people know you for. It's makes you stand out. Pieces like denim shorts never go out of fashion. Like the LBD my shorts are classics ;) 

To be on the front row of the Look Show catwalk would just be amazing. I've always dreamt of being sat in the front row of a catwalk ever since I was a little girl. I have big aspirations for when I 'grow up' one of them  is to become a fashion or beauty writer for a fashion magazine. To win the Look show blogging competition would really give me an insight into my dream job! 

Look magazine is one of my favourite magazines that I buy every week. To be part of The Look Show would be an amazing experience that I'm sure I would never ever forget.



  1. I love reading your blog. Good luck with the Look competition.

  2. Best of luck in the competition! And I agree about the signature clothing item. You can adapt the trends by always wearing them with your signature, flattering staples.

  3. wishing you lots of luck in the look competition! I am also 5ft2 / 3ish and shorts are so my thing too. I feel they make my legs look that teeny bit longer! :) xx

  4. Good luck! Yours is the best entry I've read so far, everyone elses have seemed a bit rambly and boring!

  5. Good luck! I've entered too so fingers crossed :) you're probably more likely to get it though!

  6. Aysha Frost: Thank you Aysha :) x

    Sarah. S- Thanks Sarah :) I know, I agree :) what's your staple item?! x

    Bea- Thanks Bea :) x

    Angela- Thanks Angela :) Ah I know, shorts are great for us petite girls! x

    Wonderlust- Aw thank you :) x

    Sophie- Thank you :) I will have a read of yours, I don't know how much of a chance I'll have but hey ho! x

    Beauty and Bows- Thank you :) x


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