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Hey girlies!!

Hope you're all okay, sorry for posting twice today- smacked wrists. Technically my first post was a video so we'll say that doesn't count! Once I saw what the postman delivered today, I knew I couldn't wait till tomorrow to post about my new blusher!

As you all know as I keep harping on about my obsession with peach blushers of late. I decided in my shopaholic trance that I would order another high end blusher to feed my make up addiction. I ordered Illamasqua's powder blush Lover. After seeing swatches online, I decided it was the one. It was swiftly added to my basket and dispatched quicker than a blink of my boyfriend's eye.

It finally popped through the letterbox today and I'm glad of my buy. It's a gorgeous peach colour that reminds me of a powder version of Topshop's Head Over Heels but way nicer. I haven't tried this on my face yet so look out for it on a FOTD soon but I've done a little swatch for you all to see.

I can't wait to try this and I think it's going to look lovely once my face is more tanned when I'm in Crete! 4 DAYS BABY!

Also moving slightly off subject, I picked a couple of gems up today in Primark (someone please take my debit card off me) first of all these amazing snuggly bottoms, I saw these and just knew that I needed them in my life. I LOVE being comfy at home, I love lounging around in joggers and big hoodies. These bottoms are so  warm and so snuggly that I may never take them off again. My boyfriend hasn't seen them yet and I bet he will tell me I look ridiculous or like MC Hammer but I won't care.

Also I got these little beauties in Primark, I'd been eyeing up a similar pair in New Look but these were about £20.00 cheaper! I love them and think for now they will look great with shorts and jeans and tights in the winter. I'm going to debut them tonight at the cinema when we go see The Inbetweeners movie. I am SO excited to see it tonight, for weeks I have been going round saying 'No Problemo' circa Neil series 2 The London episode and my boyfriend kept going 'you're really excited about seeing that film aren't you?' I was so excited I was at the cinema at opening time to book our tickets for tonight, we did go last night but we couldn't use our orange Wednesday code and I said no we'll wait and get the ticket free (cheapskate.)

Okay enough of my life story. Have a good day :) have you found any beauties lately? (High end blushers, comfy trousers etc) or are you going to see The Inbetweeners film tonight?



  1. Oh my what a gorgeous colour! I don't own any of their powder blushers yet, excited to see! Will you do a FOTD before you go? :)

  2. Love the blusher, very pretty colour :) Love the shoes too!xxx

  3. The blush looks gorgeous! & I really want those shoes :) :)

    xxx Kat

  4. i saw those bottoms yesterday but had no money left :( definately getting them next time thought, they feel so lovely!

    Great post xx

  5. This is one of my favorite blushers evAR! But is it bad to post twice in a day? If so, I should really back off on my blog...

  6. That blusher looks lovelyyyyy, never tried anything from Illamasqua but I'm really tempted now! xx

  7. I love the colour of this, I'm a sucker for anything peachy! I've heard such nice things about the Illamasqua powder blushers.


  8. Wow, what a pretty blusher <3 I really want to try peach blusher, but I feel like it's more of a spring color, for fall I'm loving purples and deep pinks! :) Love your pants too!

  9. Ohh, i've gotta get my hands on that blush. I'm in love with anything peach just now <3 and I love illamasqua blushes!

    Nicola x :)

  10. Oooh, that blush is on my to-buy list, it looks lovely! xo

  11. Gorgeous colour !!!! I love peachy blushes, I want to try Rude from Illamasqua :)


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