My thoughts on Estée Lauder's Doublewear Foundation..

Hey girlies,

I  took the plunge on Friday and finally got round to purchasing Estée Lauder Double wear foundation. For what seems like an age, I have been saving my Boots advantage card points up and I decided that my advantage card points should be spent on a luxury item, something that I wouldn't necessarily buy myself. Luckily my local Boots have an Estée Lauder counter, so my points could be spent on a most definite luxury item. 

I decided that Double Wear was the foundation for me after seeing so many glowing reviews on many beauty blogs. It had been dubbed a 'miracle foundation' which are the words I like to hear when purchasing a foundation. 

 The 'Official' Claims
(Taken from the Estée Lauder website)

Benefits: 15 Hour staying power foundation
Coverage: Medium, Buildable ; SPF 10
Finish: Natural, Semi Matte 

I am what you'd call a matte foundation girl, with problematic skin which is oily/combination, I have to use matte, full coverage foundations or I don't feel quite right. The past few weeks I've actually been using a lighter foundation, but I will always be a full coverage girl at heart. Now I have only been using this the past two days but I get to know very quickly whether I will get on wtih a foundation or not. 

What you need to know..

Me with Double Wear on..
  • I would disagree with the fact that this gives you a natural finish, this is a foundation that makes you look like you have a lot of make up on. You wouldn't use this if you were opting for the natural look. 
  • This foundation has a very peculiar smell, it reminds me of poster paints from primary school. 
  • I find with my skin that it doesn't set till about half an hour after application. Once applied I saw that the scarring on my cheeks could still be seen, however half an hour later the scarring had disappeared. 
  • This does last a very long time, when I went to bed last night which was 12 hours after applying, my foundation was still in place and there was only a tiny bit of shiny-ness on my nose- pretty impressive in my books. 

So what are my final thoughts on Double Wear? Yes it does perform miracles for the first time in a long time, my skin looked flawless, yes if you got right up in my face you would be able to see my pores etc but apart from that nothing. I find this is a heavy foundation that right now in the summer months is a little too heavy. I have ordered some MAC Strobe Cream so I am looking forward to mixing it with that to create a dewy look. Would I recommend this foundation? Yes definitely if you have problem skin, have oily skin or want a flawless finish. If you don't like heavy foundations then this isn't for you at all. 

I got matched to 4C1- Outdoor Beige and Double Wear foundation retails at £26.50. 

Have you used Double Wear foundation? What did you think? 



  1. i've been tempted to try this for a while, your skin looks lovely!

  2. I've read that this foundation is quite heavy, but I'm glad it's good with your skin :) it's always nice to find a foundation that works well for you x

  3. It does look good on you though.
    If you find this one too heavy try Estee Lauders Lucidity foundation. This is the one i use and I love it. x

  4. I have been debating buying this foundation myself. I like a matte coverage too, but I hate heavy foundations. I may still give it a whirl when my Mat Lumiere runs out :)

  5. I bought this foundation just two weeks ago as my sister said it was amazing. It really is! I LOVE this foundation and never will I buy any other brand of foundation. I have quite a few blemishes and double wear totally covers them up. I agree with carrie that it does take a few minutes of "setting in" and after this you can add a tiny bit extra to get more coverage which I do for more blemished areas of my skin. LOVE this stuff!

  6. This looks amazing! What a good idea of using your boots points to get it! :) I really want to get this to wear on nights out!

    Gem x


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