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Hey girlies,

Hope you're all okay and having a lovely Saturday so far. This week has been like Christmas for me. I have been very naughty and have been partaking in the odd Internet shopping. All my goodies arrived on the same day which was very exciting and like I said before like Christmas. I'm going to show you a couple of the things I picked up online this week.

The Body Shop Bargains

I do love The Body Shop, some of their products are they best I've ever used and will always re-purchase. I always see Body Shop products as a bit of a luxury as surprise surprise the items I like the most aren't the cheapest. I love their Coconut body butter but for £12.50 a pop and it lasts about two weeks with me, I always see myself turning towards more cost effective body lotions. That said, I was over the moon to hear about the promotion they were running last week, where you recommend a friends email and then you were given a code to receive 50% off your order! 50%?! Amazing. 

I was on the Body Shop website giving email addresses faster than you could say half price sale. I restrained myself and only bought a few bits and bobs. I think I got five items and the total was £15.00. I only got two items for myself as the rest were presents etc so I'll show you what I got for moi. 

Seaweed Mattifying day cream + Sandalwood and Ginger room spray

Not going to lie, not the most glamorous of products eh. I've written about the mattifying day cream before but I'll just give another quick over view. This is great, you put it on underneath your make up and it keeps oil at bay all day long. I seriously don't know what I would do without this. At £9.00 a tub it is quite pricey considering the size but you only need a little amount so it lasts a couple of months. I got this for £4.50 in the sale. The sandalwood and ginger room spray is gorgeous. I love having smelly things, candles, perfumes etc. I love it when you go into a house and it just smells lovely. My Mum has this room spray and we both have the candle of the same fragrance and it just smells divine. As my Mum said 'it shouldn't work but it does.' The other fragrances in the range are also gorgeous, the vanilla and tonka bean one was lovely too. In the sale I got this room spray for £3.00. 

Now moving on to my favourite purchase of the week....

My new baby...

I want to introduce you all to my new baby- my new handbag. This badboy believe it or not is from Ebay. I spotted it whilst looking for bags and just fell in love. It's an obvious Alexa by Mulberry rip off but I LOVE it. Being a student, I haven't got the money to spend on designer handbags, so most of mine come from the high street. I was starting to get fed up with seeing about 50 other people with the same bag so looked elsewhere. This was £24.99 which I bought with my ebay earnings. I really love it, the handle on the top could of done with being a bit wider so it fits on your elbow properly but we'll excuse that. It's really great quality and I'm very happy with it. If anybody is interested here's the link to the seller, they also have an array of other colours. 

So there we go, some purchases that I've made, I also ordered a dress from Missguided but unfortunately the fit isn't quite right so that's going back. Hope you all have a lovely weekend. 



  1. I love receiving online shopping parcels! Although I'm so inpatient that as soon as I've clicked "buy it now" I want it there and then.
    I love the bag you've chosen, I'm the same and can't afford to spend huge amounts on bags, this one is great for 25

  2. I love receiving online shopping parcels! Although I'm so inpatient that as soon as I've clicked "buy it now" I want it there and then.
    I love the bag you've chosen, I'm the same and can't afford to spend huge amounts on bags, this one is great for 25

  3. I really love Body Shop body butters, but only buy them when they're half price, mine get used up so quickly too. Love the bag, I'm all for replicas, such a bargain xxx

  4. Room sprays are so nice, they're the perfect alternative to candles for university! I think its great you got it so cheap, I didn't know body shop made them!

  5. I go through body butters at a horrific speed! Seriously I use one a week.

    That bag is gorge! And hey, who cares if it's a knock off ;) we'll own real ones one day!

  6. gorgeous bag!
    defiantly wish I wasn't on a spending ban - I want one!

  7. Eloise- I know, I'm the same, I want them there by tomorrow! Ah thank you :) it's a great price! x

    Emily- Yeah I know, I'm the same! I know such a great price for such a lovely bag :) x

    Holly Arabella- I know, I agree, and so much nicer than air fresheners! Yeah they do lots! :) x

    Rachel- I know, they don't last very long atall do they? Yes we will definitely :) x

    Cee Harvey- Ah thank you :) x

  8. Awww corrie I love that bag! Such a good Mulb dupe, and to think i've just bought a Bayswater - robbed! Hehe. I'm dying to get the bag Laura from 'Buy Now, Blog Later' has got in an array of colours!

    Kate xxxxxx

  9. I've been really tempted to get the faux alexa, but am trying to spend very little money - it's so cute though :) x

  10. Yeay for body shop _ i have just refound body shop myself and have become a little addicted.
    George |

  11. Hi sweetie!

    The list has been removed. Could you send the link to the seller's store, please?

    Merry Xmas!


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