FrontCover Cosmetics Launch... (Picture Heavy)

Hey Girlies!

So today I attended my first ever launch/event. From reading other blogs, I've always wondered what it's like to attend launches and always thought they looked such fun and a great chance to see new products. So as you can imagine I was very excited to be invited to the launch of FrontCover Cosmetics Autumn/Winter collection.

FrontCover cosmetics are exclusive to Boots and they have always been a favourite of mine. I remember about three years ago my Dad bought me one of their eye palettes and I thought it was AMAZING. It was like a book of eyeshadows! I loved the variety of shades and the amazing quality. I have also got nail kits from FrontCover and always think they make excellent Christmas presents.

So off I trotted to London, I was quite nervous as believe it or not, I've never been to London by myself before. So I was quite nervous about having to get not one but two tubes to the location!! I know some of you are probably thinking ' I do that everyday!' But remember I come from a small town and it was only two years ago I first got a train by myself! Weird eh.

So once we arrived, me and a collection of other glamorous beauty bloggers were welcomed by the Frontcover team and were presented with champagne, orange juice and the most amazing cupcakes which were baked by Phillip Middleton's (Kate Middleton's brother) party company. They were delicious!

We were then given a talk on the new collection and told how the new products had been created with designer collections in mind or even materials. We were told how some of the new eyeshadows were based on materials like taffeta which I found really interesting. We then got to play with the new 14 kits and had lots of fun swatching and reading up on everything. Lots of things caught my eye! Especially the Moondust kit and the Nail art kit.

Make up artist Leanne Shaw was there, who actually creates the look for every shot on the cover of the kits using just the products in that kit. So what you see is what you can achieve yourself. If you've owned a FrontCover kit before you'll know that there is instructions on how to create certain looks and this is what Leanne writes. Nadira V Persaud who is another make up artist was also there and created a gorgeous starry smokey eye look on Laura.

We also got given a kit of our choice very kindly from the FrontCover team to take home and experiment with. I chose the Moondust kit, as I don't currently have any pigments and I thought that the colours that are included would make amazing smokey eyes! I will be doing a more in depth review of this kit very soon so look out for that!

I thoroughly enjoyed my first ever make up launch and would like to thank FrontCover Cosmetics for inviting me and for hosting such a lovely event! Have you owned any FrontCover cosmetics and if not is there any of the new kits which are taking your fancy?

Hope you all have a lovely evening :)

P.S just in case you're wondering I survived getting the tube and train by myself to London. Big pat on the back for me!



  1. Ahhh that looks amazing, lucky lady:)Great photos :) what camera do you use?

  2. I want the lipstick set or the one with the brushes in the bottom drawer - at first I thought the Front Cover stuff was a little gimmicky but they have really evolved in the last couple of years xxx

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  4. ah seems so much fun! i've never actually tried any of front cover makeup but i will definitely look into trying their eyeshadow palette! x

  5. I love FrontCover and those cupcakes look incredible! :D

  6. I'm so gutted I couldn't make it :( x

  7. This looks amazing I'm so gutted i couldn't be there :(!!!!!!

  8. oooh those cakes look lovely! Im glad you had a good time it certainly looked fun! I have never caught a train by myself ever, so I cant imagine what it would have been like for me to get to london, so I applaud you, I would have got lost :')


  9. The sets look amazing, can't wait to get my hands on some of them!

    I am even more excited as my name/site is quoted on one of them... I think it's this one:


  10. Wow these kits look amazing, I really want the nail one now!!
    Glad that you had an amazing day out too xx


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