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Hey Girlies!

Apologies for the lamo title, I do hate titling blog posts as OOTD's and FOTD's as I think they sound awfully silly but maybe not as silly as the mouthful of 'outfit of the day and face of the day.' Lol, you see I'm trying to save all my creativeness for my interview later. I am going for an interview at Build a Bear and I'm excited/nervous as I don't quite know what to expect. When I got my interview, the lady said 'this won't be like any interview you've been to before' it's also a group interview which I've never been to before so I'm a bit like arrrgrggg!

I thought I would just pop up a little post on what I'm wearing clothes and make up wise. As Build a Bear isn't like your conventional shop, I've decided to wear my chinos as part of the uniform is chinos and I have a feeling we might be running about or something so don't want to be in a skirt, I doubt this is the type of job where flashing will get you the job. Now you probably thinking why you going for another job when you already have one? Well I'll tell you why, I want to keep working at the football stadium but I only work on match days which is like every other Saturday, this means the other weekend I'm free and I'm also free evenings so I thought I could do something more productive with my time and make some money too.

Blouse: Primark
Chinos: Primark
Shoes: Primark
( Wow just realised my whole outfit is Primark! Interesting!) 

Now I've also gone for quite simple make up, I don't want to look too dolled up as I think natural is more the key in a shop like Build a Bear. I've got for neutral eyes/lips and a statement cheek, I'm loving my current mix up of MAC's Pink Swoon and Warmth of Coral!

Products used:
EL Doublewear
Maybelline 24 hr concealer
Maybelline Matte powder
Mac Pink swoon and Warmth of coral blushes
Urban Decay naked palette
VIVO eyeshadow- pale gold
Rimmel day to night mascara
Maybelline gel eyeliner 
Mac Hue lipstick & No.17's mirror shine lipstick- Beehive

I've also curled my hair, purely for the fact I'm an eager beaver and had time to kill! It also looks quite relaxed I think. I used my Babyliss Conical Wand for this.

So yeah, keep your fingers crossed for me! Hope you all have a lovely Sunday afternoon, I'm already excited about Xfactor and TOWIE tonight!! :)



  1. I have that blouse and the pumps too - they're such great value! You look stunning, especially your hair - ALL THE BEST & GOOD LUCK TODAY!! x

  2. fingers crossed indeed Corrie! x

  3. you look gorgeous as perusal Corrie :) your hair is amazing!!! x x

  4. Good luck sweets - you look beautiful! I'm in love with your hair! xx

  5. Love your blouse and your hair! Good luck :)

  6. love that outfit ,your hair looks darker have you dyed it yet?? was waiting to see the results as im fed up of going nearly black every time I try a chocolate or dark brown =/ lol. your so sweet and smiley they've gotta love you.My daughter loves buildabear and every time we go there the assistants are just really jolly and helpful so to me you've got the job in the bag xx

  7. I absolutely hate group interviews, I think it's soooo stupid as they are obviously comparing everybody to each other in front of your own eyes -_-

  8. You look gorgeous! I look like a dick in trousers and chinos :(

    Good luck!xx

  9. Love the blouse! I want one! :P
    And I love your hair - it's sooo long.. :)
    Was wondering whether the Rimmel Day 2 Night mascara works?
    ~Hannah xx

  10. Good luck! I love the outfit and I also can't wait for TOWIE! :) xxx

  11. You look great! Good luck :) build a bear seems like it'd be such a fun place to work xx

  12. first, your hair is so so pretty! would you recommend that curling wand? and good luck with the interview/job :) i hope it went well!

  13. I'm sure that'll be a fun shop to work in. I always get greeted by someone friendly when I walk past.

    Love those chinos. I was in Primark the other day but they only had a few left in the wrong sizes :(

    Haha I love the realisation when a whole outfit is Primark.

    Zahra xx

  14. I love your hair in these photos :) must get my hands on one of those wands!


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