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Hey Girlies!

So I've never been very good at maths, I came out with a D in my GCSE's and sneakily managed to avoid having to retake my Maths GCSE again at sixth form (hehehe) I can't believe I just wrote hehehe, it was a sneaky laugh in case you're wondering, I haven't turned into a twelve year old school girl over night. So yeah I've never been a maths person and one of the biggest lies I've ever been told is 'you'll need algebra in later life.' Well I'm twenty now and I've not needed algebra so far, so take that Mr. Matthews.

Anyways I digress. Yesterday the boyfriend and I did a massive clean of the flat and I decided to have a little sort out. I found a bag full of make up that had been cast aside for blog sale/ebay goodies. Now luckily none of these products had sold and as I looked through the bag, I was 'oohing' and 'aahing' over lost treasures. The lost treasures though made me get creative and I decided to make some make up sums, adding two products together etc.. ( I told you I wasn't very good at maths.)

I found this blush by Me,Me,Me cosmetics which was my first blush I ever bought that wasn't pink. I was LIVING ON THE EDGE. The colour is rouge and it's a reddy/coral colour. Now I'm not too sure of this own it's own, hence why it's in a tesco bag marked 'BLOG SALE' but I decided to get creative after my blush mixing at the weekend where I mixed MAC's Pink Swoon and Warmth of Coral. So I mixed 'rouge' with my current favourite Illamasqua's 'Lover'. I was really pleased with the result as I was left with coral/peachy cheeks. I've been after a coral blush for ages and now I've just made my own! I think I will name it 'Louge' or 'Rover' or maybe neither. 

Revlon's Pink Pout + No.17's Beehive
I also got creative with some lipsticks. Kim Kardashian is a recent obsession for me, the woman is possibly the most perfect woman I've ever seen. Her make up is always flawless and I'm always trailing the internet looking for the contents of her make up bag. I found out that MAC's Angel lipstick is one of her faves and she loves using Nars's Turkish Delight lipgloss over the top. Now luckily I have no money at the moment so I couldn't just hop onto Debenhams online and order myself some new lippies. So I headed to Temptalia (which is the best website/blog for swatches and dupes) to find a more purse friendly dupe. I found that Revlon's Pink Pout was a dupe for Angel.

The finished look. 
So when I was rummaging through said blog sale Tesco bag, I found a Revlon lipstick and it was indeed Pink Pout. Now I never used to like pink lips, I liked light nudes, but now I am embracing pink nude lips and I found that Pink Pout with No.17's Beehive lipstick (another Tesco bag goodie) over the top looks really lovely  and similar to Kim Kardashian's fave lip combo!
The finished look- corally/peachy cheeks and pinky/nude lips.

So I was well chuffed, it was like I'd been shopping but for free. Have you found any old make up items that you've fell back in love with again or have you mixed and matched two products that shouldn't be mixed and made a completely new product up?!

I hope you all have a lovely evening and a MASSIVE thank you for all your lovely comments/tweets about Dizzybrunette3 being shortlisted for a Cosmo Blog Award :) You are all awesome!



  1. Love this post, you look gorgeous!xx

  2. Love your creativeness!! Great blog! xx

  3. these combos look so pretty on you!
    I like to use MAC desert rose blush with a collection 2000 mosaic bronzer! it gives a great blusher/bronzer look :)
    i am also a big kim kardashian fan too! xx

  4. ooh, i own pink pout and behive! i will be trying out this combo!

    Thanks for the tip! xx

  5. Ah what a cool post! With money becoming tight, your post made it look fun to mix up old colors that weren't quite right. Thanks, Corrie!

  6. Love that lip combo! It's always fun discovering old treasures from your own collection. xx

  7. Looks lovely! I never mix stuff cuz I'm just that lazy, but I probably should.. it sounds like fun, lol! Love your hair in the last pic btw :)

  8. Great post, I love the lip combo, I will have to try this!!

    Sarah xx

  9. We should have shop our stash more often! Love the look, especially the lips x

  10. Ive never used Illumasque but I love their editorials! Will give it a go

    Rianna xxx

  11. Lauren Rose- Ahh thank you lauren :) x

    Adele- Thanks Adele :) x

    Emma- Aah thank you :) ooh sounds like a good mix :) love the bronzed look! x

    Leanne Marie- Ooh yeah do, it's a lovely combo! x

    Sarah s- aah thank you, I know it's great for saving money! x

    Claire- Thanks Claire :) x

    Lauren Baker- Thanks Lauren :) I know it's the best! x

    Yu- Thanks Yu :) x

    River- Thanks River :) x

    Sarah- Ah thank you, I do love it! x

    Gaby- Hee definitely! Thanks sweet x

    Rianna Bethany- Yeah you should, their products are lovely! x

  12. I have given you an award, over at my blog egtx3 :)


  13. Brilliant idea! You look gorgeous, I love the lip combo xxx


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