Me and My Eyebrows Have Issues..

Hey Girlies!

Hope you're all okay and very glad it's Friday, I am having yet another 'lazy' day, I am making the most of these as very soon I will be entering my third year of university. Although slightly dreading it, I'm also looking forward to getting some routine back!

Now I have a love/hate relationship with my eyebrows, most of the time it's a hate relationship. When I was younger I had very bushy eyebrows, not quite Charlie from Busted level but bushy nevertheless. I used to hate them and was so happy when I was old enough to start plucking/shaping my eyebrows. Lucky for me my Mum is a trained beauty therapist so she would wax them for me, waxing is really effective for your eyebrows, in my opinion it hardly hurts and the shape lasts for ages after. Luckily after years of waxing my eyebrows most of the time retain they their shape and need plucking to keep them in shape every week or so.

Now because I'm at uni well over a 100 miles from home, I can't get my eyebrows waxed that often which means my eyebrows now have to be tweezed. I was reading The Beauty Department which is Lauren Conrad and friends beauty blog/website and I found a tutorial on how to shape your eyebrows. In the tutorial, Lauren trims her eyebrows, she gets a eyebrow comb/brush and brushes the hairs upwards and if the hairs are above the shape of the eyebrow you trim them. I had a go at this and couldn't believe the difference this makes. With my slightly neater eyebrows I thought I would have a try at filling them in.

I've always been envious of girls with neatly polished brows, I could never get the hang of filling them in so kind of gave up ( I know, I know, call myself a beauty blogger eh?) Anyways the other night I thought, I am going to MASTER this. So I got my eyebrow pencil and filled one eyebrow in, now for some reason they went horribly dark and I felt like this (see picture below)

I decided I wouldn't give up, so I got the make up remover out and started again. This time I used eyeshadow, I found this handy little kit from Models Own. I was sent this by Models Own a few months back and found that it was great for creating a neutral smokey eye but even better for filling your eyebrows in. This smokey eye kit is available from the Models Own website and Models Own stockists Boots. I have the kit Simmer which consists of a neutral colour which I like to highlight the brow bone with, a warm brown which I use to get my initial shape and a dark brown which I use to fill my brows in. I use a angled brush from Avon to take the colour through my brows.

I couldn't believe that I haven't used this before. Now you've probably seen that there is a lot of blog posts on the HD brow kit which came in this months Glossybox, now from looking at the swatches I think this Models Own kit is very similar and could be used a dupe. It's also a snip at £8.00 compared with the £19.99 price tag of the HD brow kit. 

From L-R- neutral highlight colour, warm brown and dark brown

The smokey eye kit from Models Own also comes with a guide to achieve smokey eyes and the cutest brushes ever, a mini angled and blending brush which are like baby brushes. Too cute! 

 The ADORABLE baby brushes!
The new and improved brows- I'm sorry for the duff picture, I didn't have a clearer one :( 

I am very impressed with my new use for my Models Own eye kit, it's also very compact so it's great for your make up bag. 

What do you use to fill in your brows? Any tips as I'm still learning! 

I hope you all have a lovely Friday, I am already excited for watching The Bachelor tonight, it's so bad it's good! 

You can buy the smokey eye kit from Models Own here: please note this product was sent to me to review back in May, and my review has been 100% honest. 



  1. You could also get your brows threaded :) It only costs about £5 and it makes so much difference because they trim and pluck them too! For me it lasts about 3 weeks, but then I pluck them just until they need reshaped :) xxx

  2. The results look nice but I personally prefer a stronger brow. I agree with Amy that threading is incredible, it lass absolutely ages!

  3. Amy- I have been thinking about threading! I'm just trying to find a place that looks quite reputable! But thank you for the tip :) x

    Holly Arabella- They are actually much stronger in real life, I just thought the picture demonstrates the shape :) x

  4. My brows are a problem to me, haha. When I was younger, I had a allergy reaction (called alopecia areata) that made all the hairs from my left brow fall off. Ever since they're not perfectly even (they're not unpretty but they're just not like I wanted them to be!) and it's a pain to keep them in shape…

    I really like the shape of yours but I must agree with Holly that I prefer a stronger brow!


  5. My brows are the bain of my life! When I was younger I decided to over pluck for a thin line look - great I know! I'm still paying for it. I long for thick, neat brows.
    I use a mac pencil and have tried the benefit one but the colours are all to dark for me so I might give this a go as it looks a lot more subtle.
    Congrats on the Cosmo nomination - you have my vote! xx

  6. I don't think you're alone with an eyebrow problem!! Most of us feel the same! I use a ruby and millie angled brush which is really good for eyebrows I've found, and a natural collection eyeshadow dupe for macs espresso. My shade is crushed walnut a completely matte dark brown shade, very nice for eyebrows!! Yours look lovely! Xx

  7. I hate my brows...well just one. The other I like haha can never get it to match :/ xx

  8. Ahh I took forever and have finally reshaped my brows to how I want them and recently I haven't panicked if I didn't have time to fill them in - I prefer stronger brows and love my Clinique Superfine Liner for brows, it lasts absolutely ages! :) I want to try threading too ;P

  9. Your really pretty!!
    My eyebrows are a pain in the backside too!! Sometimes I seem to really like them and the shape but then other days I seem to really hate them!!

    I get mine threaded every 2weeks or so, But I pluck it myself in between to maintain the shape :)

  10. Hi Corrie!
    I understand you brow-troubles! I used to have the same problems but now i have them threaded and the results are AMAZING! Its much less painful than waxing in my opinion, and its kinder to the skin. It eases/plucks the hairs out and doesn't come into contact with the skin. The best part though, is how smooth and groomed it leaves your eyebrows. Threading gives such a precise, defined finish and just gives a very polished look. I love it ! Its relatively inexpensive and lasts for about two weeks but you can remove and new hairs with tweezers between appointments.
    Claudia xo

  11. ive always wanted to try threading! let us know how it goes if you do it?


  12. I used to use the Sleek Storm Palette but now I use Benefit browzings which is a shadow and a wax and it works great!x

  13. This is a great idea! I have never been able to find the right colour of shadow to use for my brows, I should check this out! :) x

  14. What are you talking about? Your eyebrows are perfect!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  15. Threading is the best way to get perfectly shaped full brows in my opinion, it's just amazing!

    The models own kit looks lovely, very compact and sleek. I may just give it a go!

    Lola x

  16. you look so pretty !!!
    love it

  17. What a wicked post! That picture made me laugh when I saw it..but yeah it's SO important to look after your brows, because they frame your face! I've always been so careful, I don't fill mine in..used to have them threaded but now just tweeze them, never thin them though, just shape them!
    lovely blog :)
    Firdaus XX -


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