Models Own 50% Sale Haul...

Hey Girlies!

Now I expect you may be a bit bored of Models Own haul posts as it seems that the world and it's wife took advantage of Models Own recent 50% sale. Originally I wasn't going to purchase anything. I said to myself ' Corrie you have enough nail polishes, you don't need anymore.' I was doing pretty well at listening to the wise person in my head, but as I saw Models Own's frantic tweets ' three hours left till the sale ends' etc etc. I listened to the naughty person in my head and jumped onto the Models Own website and made a sneaky order. 

I didn't go mad, I bought four polishes and one WAH nail art pen. All together with delivery the total was £15.95 which isn't bad at all. Now the order seemed to take a while to come, being the very impatient person I am this was a pain but I guess with all the backlash of orders, delivery times were due to be slower. 

So what did I get? I purchased the polishes Pink Punch, Pink Fizz, Utopia and the 3 in 1- Top coat, base coat and gloss ( I did actually need one of these!) 

L-R- 3 in 1 polish, Pink Punch, Pink Fizz, Utopia, WAH Nail art pen. 

Pink Punch
I am loving neon polishes at the moment, so Pink Punch seemed right up my street. Pink Punch is what I'd call a neon coral pink. It reminds me of a neon version of Barry M's Flamingo Pink. It's lovely and flattering and I currently have it on my toes. I just wish I had it for my holidays as it is a great holiday polish! 

Pink Fizz 
I'd seen a lot about this polish on the beauty blogsphere and I love glitter and the colour pink so I thought I'd get it. This is a gorgeous girlie pink glitter, it's like nothing I've seen before as I usually purchase silver glitter polishes. It's completely opaque meaning you only need one coat which is always a massive bonus when it comes to glitter nail polishes. This is definitely a new favourite of mine. 

Again another polish that I'd seen a lot on other blogs, described by others as an 'offish white', I thought it would be something different to add to my collection as I don't really own any white colours. However I would describe Utopia as a very pale lilac. It's a lovely girlie colour that gives a nice clean and polished look. I am currently wearing it now on my fingers with pink fizz on my ring fingers. 

3 in 1- Base Coat, Top Coat & Gloss
I needed a new base coat/top coat as my China Glaze First and Last was on it's way out. This I'm impressed with, it gives nail a lovely glossy top coat and dries very quickly. Hopefully it will keep my polish from chipping or staining my nails. 

WAH nail art pen - Black
I haven't used this yet so I can't really say too much about it. I bought this so I could finally master the leopard print nail art as I really love it but my nail art pens are too clumpy. A lot of girls use this and have created really gorgeous nail art so I can't wait to start practising and hopefully creating some lovely nail designs. 

L-R- Pink Punch, Pink Fizz, Utopia.

So there we go, my little Models Own haul. Did you purchase anything in the sale? 

Hope you all have a lovely evening :) 



  1. Such gorgeous colours, I recently got a nail art pen too, can't wait to try it out! xx

  2. The Pink Punch is so gorgeous! Really want something similar :)

    ♥ Isabela

  3. Great haul! I love the colours you chose, Utopia is one of my favourites xx

  4. Oh sigh, I'd love some but I am drowning in polishes I haven't even gotten to wear yet...

  5. You got such a great mix of colours, I wish id known about this :(!!

  6. Pink Fizz looks great for a glitter nail (which I seem to be doing on my ring finger every time I paint my nails lol) I need to get my hands on their nail art pen - I keep seeing posts of leopard nails and want to try it out for myself! xx

  7. I bought a few things from the sale and Utopia didn't even cross my mind! I'm suddenly very jealous though! Good choices! x

  8. Ohhhh I need to get me some more Models Own I only have 2

  9. I got 6 polishes, mostly, autumn shades that I'm craving but also Pink Fizz :-) and I already had Utopia - love!

  10. I got pink fizz too, it's currently on my toes and I love it! xx

  11. I absolutely love your blog and follow you on bloglovin :) Keep the great posts coming!

  12. I missed this sale, really wiah I hadn't. You got some gorgeous colours there. x


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