The Cosmo Blog Awards 2011

Hey Girlies!

Right now before I start, I am going to warn you this may be a rather long post. So get comfy, grab a cuppa and a biscuit and let me tell you about my night at the Cosmo blog awards.

So Wednesday night was the night the blogsphere had been waiting for, over a month ago the shortlisted blogs were announced and the night had finally arrived to announce the final winners. I was very shocked (and still am) about my blog Dizzybrunette3 making the shortlist for Established Beauty Blog, to be picked from thousands of entries is just amazing, like I've said before I don't see myself as a blogger and it's only very, very recently I came out of the blogging closet and 'outed' myself as a blogger to my closest friends and family.

I didn't quite know how to do this post, I didn't know whether to do an outfit post, a fotd post and then the actual awards evening but I thought three posts may be pushing it and you may all be thinking "alright Corrie we get it, you were shortlisted now get over it!" So I thought I'd do one massive bumper post with everything in, this is the all you can eat buffet of the blog post variety. That totally sounded better in my head by the way.

So let's start with the most important bit.....

The outfit, the hair and the make up.

So I gave you all a sneak peek of my dress on Tuesday night, so I won't bore you too much. Like I said before I wanted to go in a dress that I felt comfortable in, felt glam in and would wear again. I found this in this little black lacy number from USC (not just for chavs you know that shop) I paired my LBLD with Primark wedges, (the River Island ones were deemed not good enough) big curly hair and a smokey eye! 

Dress: USC
Shoes: Primark

Curled using Babyliss Conical Wand

Make Up:
Estee Lauder Doublewear Foundation & Bourjois Healthy Mix
Maybelline 24 hour superstay concealer
YSL Touche Eclat
L'oreal True Match mattifying powder
Bobbi Brown bronzer
Bourjois blush - Rose D'or
Frontcover moondust kit- Saddle Brown, Coal Hoal & Shadowbase used from kit
Urban Decay naked palette- Half baked & Sidecar
Maybelline 24hr gel eyeliner
Eylure lashes-110
Models Own smokey eye kit- Simmer (used for eyebrows)
To set: The Body Shop Vitamin E face mist & a cheeky little bit of hair spray... naughty. 
Lips: MAC Creme D'nude & Barry M Toffee lipgloss 

The Tan: St. Tropez Bronzing lotion

The Nails: Models Own Pink Fizz 

The actual event...

So with the outfit, hair and make up out of the way let's get on to the actual event! The Cosmo Blog Awards were held in a swanky venue 24 Kingly which was just off Oxford Circus. The event was lovely and full of ever so glamorous bloggers, I have to admit, I almost got a little bit starstruck seeing some of my favourite EVER bloggers. I was a bit made up at having a picture and being next to Lily. The event had lots of yummy cocktails (which I thought I was getting a little light headed on and turned out to be non alcoholic!) cupcakes and canapes. There were also a fab photobooth where we'd try and cram as many beauty bloggers in and take pictures. Below is a selection of the photobooth pictures! 

As you probably know, I unfortunately didn't win. But I wasn't expecting to, I wasn't even expecting to get shortlisted! Zoe won our category which is very well deserved as Zoe's blog is amazing and one of my ultimate faves! I was also super made up for Anna who won Best New Beauty Blog, another one of my faves and Anna is such a gorgeous, lovely girl who deserves the award so much! 

Snapshots of the evening...

Obviously the highlight of my evening was getting to spend time with some lovely girls, I loved meeting and seeing again the lovely Milly, Anna, HollyArabella, Sarah, Sabrina, Zoe, Laalaa and Amy. Didn't they all look so glam!

Another lovely little touch was having all the shortlisted blogs projected on big screens and including a quote from the nomination of that blog. Here is my screenshot, I was made up with the quote, I was genuinely worried it may say ' Corrie's blog is alright but she's really an orange midget' or something along those lines. So the words genuinely touched me. 

The night was lovely and it really made me appreciate the blogging world and also made me think how glad I am that one day I decided to set Dizzybrunette3 up. When I was younger and well now I used to moan how I didn't have a talent, my friends would play instruments, dance, sing, act, be sporty or really clever and I'd think well what's my talent? Although blogging isn't a talent, I finally feel I've found my forte, just like my Mum said that one day I always would find something that I was good at. I had an amazing night and would like to thank Cosmopolitan for such a fab night, also Stylist Pick who sponsored the evening and to the lovely bloggers who made my night so funny and so fun. 

I'm sorry for the massive waffle! I bet you're thinking 'jeeeez Corrie get over it already!' I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it and again a big thank you for reading my blog. :) 

I hope you all have a lovely day :)

P.S The Goody bag we received was amazing! I was like a little child at Christmas looking through it on the way home on the train! I thought that the bag was so good, it deserved a whole post to itself so look out for that ;) 

P.P.S I also made it onto the Cosmo fashion pages- I'm picture 12 if you fancy a peek! :)



  1. wow looks like it was really impressive! x

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous Corrie! Can't wait for the goodie bag post :) xx

  3. I think i would be the most star stuck with Fleur from Fleur de Force. Im so jealous you got to meet her!
    Looks like you had a great time, much better than the Culture Wars seminar for sure!

  4. You looked gorgeous so did the girls. Love your dress. xx

  5. You looked stunning lovely! Great choice of dress and your makeup and hair were perfect as usual. Sounds like a fab night.

  6. You looked absolutely beautiful! Xx

  7. You look stunning, looks like you had a great time! X

  8. Ah you look gorgeous hun, glad you had a lovely evening. You deserve to be short-listed your blog is FAB!! x x x

  9. In every photo I've seen from the event I thought you looked stunning. love the dress, the hair, especially the make-up your skin looks so glowy! Gorgeous! xx

  10. oh myyy your tan is amazingg! you look beautiful, well done on getting shortlisted, still an amazing achievement! xxx

  11. You look gorgeous! Your hair and make up is lovely and I love the nail varnish! Thanks for sharing, it looked like it was so much fun :) xxx

  12. you look fantastic, I love this dress!! xxxx

  13. You looked amazing, the outfit and everything was simply perfect :)

    Congratulations on being shortlisted, you deserve it all your blog is fantastic!!


  14. Congrats on getting shortlisted!
    The event looks amazing and you looked so gorgeous! Such a pretty dress.

  15. You look so stunning!! Are those shoes recent at primark? I love them!! You totally deserved to be nominated your blog is amazing!! (good lash choice btw :)) xxx

  16. You are really pretty! :)
    I love your nails♥

    xoxo, Dominika

  17. I loved reading this post! You looked absolutely gorgeous - your hair is amazing! Congrats on being short-listed, I love reading your blog. I'm definitely going to have to invest in Models Own Pink Fizz! xxx

  18. You looked absolutely amazing!
    Congratulations on getting shortlisted!

  19. Aw you look so gorgeous Corrie! It looks like such an amazing evening, well done for making it to shortlist/final (: xx

    PS. Can I have your nail varnish?! ;)

  20. Beautiful, enjoyed meeting you. Your so sweet xo

  21. Great post hun and you looked lovely! xx

  22. I really love that dress! well done on being shortlisted :) x

  23. you looked so pretty - it was a fab night and really pleased you were nominated. Hopefully see you again soon xx

  24. Oh gosh what hideous pictures of me! You look gorgeous, loved your hair it was perfect. So lovely to meet you I hope we meet again :) xxxx

  25. Looks like you had a brill night!! What an opportunity!! xx

  26. OH MY LORD. Your hair !!!!!!Let me tell you that you looked absolutely stunning . I can't believe how pretty and perfect your hair are ! Very Cheryl Cole-esque

  27. Shel- It was a truely lovely and impressive night! x

    Sarah- Thanks Sarah :) x

    Rie- I was a bit like woah- I spoke to her and was a bit "I'm Corrie" in a teeny tiny voice! Lol aah good old Russell! x

    Angela Q- Thanks sweet, I know what a gorgeous bunch they are x

    Mo- Thanks lovely :) x

    Katie- Thanks Katie :) x

    Lola Loves- Thanks Lola :) x

    Kirsty- Thanks lovely, such a sweet comment :) x

    Golden Glow- Thanks lovely :) x

    Beautyxxprincess- Thank you sweet x

    D.Sadie- Thank you so much :) x

    Victoria- Thank you lovely :) I know, still can't believe it! x

    Phoebe- Thanks Phoebe :) x

    Twiggs- Thanks lovely :) x

    Sweetaholic Rachel- Ahh thank you for your lovely comment, made me :) x

    Zoe- Thanks Zoe :) x

    Natalie- Thanks lovely, errm I got them a little while ago so don't think they're there anymore :( maybe look on ebay? Thank you for the lovely comment! x

    Dominka- Thanks lovely x

    Catherine- Thanks lovely! It is an amazing polish! x

    Jenny0 Thanks Jenny :) x

    Michelle- Thank you Michelle, how you weren't in that shortlist I don't know, :) x

    LaaLa- Aah was lovely meeting you too! :) you looked lovely and so glam! x

    Sallyanne- Thanks love :) x

    Emma- Thanks lovely x

    Milly- aaah thank you Milly, you looked gorgeous too, hopefully see you sometime soon! x

    Holly- Oh don't be silly! Thank you lovely :) hopefully see you soon! x

    Amy- Thanks lovely x

    Jazzy E- Thank you :) x

    Marilou- Oh you don't have make me giggle but you did make my day! :) x

  28. Congratulations on being shortlisted, Corrie!

    Looks like great fun! Love your outfit, hair, make-up etc :)


  29. was so nice to meet you! woo for being a shropshire girl! hope you had a good time!

    Lily @ llymlrs//etcllymlrs

  30. Loved reading this post! You looked absolutely stunning, your hair is gorgeous! It looks like you had a lovely time xx

  31. You look adorable! I love the nailpolish. I have the same ring,only it's in white! Kisses


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