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Hey Girlies!

So I did a post a few days ago on my current favourite eye make up items and today it's the turn of my current favourite lip products!

So what are my favourite lip products? Well currently I have been loving MAC Hue with No.17's mirror shine lipstick in Beehive over the top. A bit of a random collaboration to be fair, which I discovered purely by accident. I love Hue so, so much and seriously wonder how I managed to live without it! It's such a gorgeous nude pink which looks gorgeous either alone or paired with Beehive.

Beehive like I mentioned in another post is a forgotten treasure, it's very similar to Hue but is more of an gloss than an actual lipstick. Again Beehive is one of those lipsticks that can look good alone or with another product! The added combination of the two lipsticks means that the colour/finish lasts for quite a long time which I always love as I hate lipsticks that like a whole of two minutes!

Swatch of Hue on the left and Beehive on the right

me with Huehive or Beehue on (Hue + Beehive)

I also love the fact that with these two lipsticks you get a glossy finish that isn't sticky or gloopy. It seems to be really windy like all the time at the moment so lipgloss is not an option unless I want the hair glued to face look which personally I don't rock too well. Also I've decided that wind is one of my least favourite weather types!

So what's your favourite lipstick/gloss? I always love hearing about new ones!

Hope you all have a lovely Monday evening, I am looking forward to settling down and watching Made in Chelsea! Also just thought I'd let you all know that on Sunday evening my Dad's girlfriend gave birth to a lovely baby girl- Esme. I am so happy for the both of them and literally I am so excited to meet my new baby sister. I bought her the cutest present today, I love looking at baby clothes as they are so cute, so I'm very excited there's now a baby in the family who I can buy cute clothes for!



  1. OOOO I like beehive! may have to invest! of course hue is great to just more expensive :) Great post xxxx

  2. The two look great paired with each other! I love Beehive by 17, it's my go-to work lipstick lol xx

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  4. Esme! What a gorgeous name. Congratulations to your family!!

    I am very envious.. I have never seen one bad photo of you yet. Every single picture you look so beautiful. If only we all had a good whack with the beauty gene stick! I love love love your hair!!

    Both lipsticks are gorgeous and suit you so well.


  5. You suit nude lipsticks! I have wanted Hue for so long I purchased shy girl instead. I may have to get this one aswell now :D


  6. Nude lipsticks really suits you! Love the combo. XX, Masha

  7. My Hue has ran out!! :(
    you look GORGEOUS! you look like a celeb but i can't think who lool x

  8. i have both of these but i've never thought of pairing them together! they look amazing together though:)xx

  9. Congratulations to your family <3 This lip combo is really glossy and lovely

  10. beautiful colours! Congrats on the new family addition too :)!

    Em xx

  11. This looks gorgeous. I love both Hue and Beehive! x

  12. I love Hue and I'm seriously lusting after Beehive, but it's not available here in Canada ):

    Love your eye makeup !

  13. thats a gorgeus color! ill check it out when i go to the mac counter

  14. I love both of these lippies aswell :) You look gorgeous hun xxx

  15. Wow they are amazing! Such nice shades :)

    I've got my favourite lipstick from Natural Collection which is only £1.99..It's called Fig Leaf.

    I think you'll really like it :) xoxo

  16. Ive nominated you for an award!
    check it out :)
    Cory xx

  17. Gorgeous! I must get Beehive, looks so pretty! xxx

  18. Awww congrats on getting a new baby sister! Esme is a gorgeous name :) I keep trying to convince my mum to have another baby but she won't :( lol!

    Hue and Beehive are gorgeous! Two of my fave lipsticks :)

    Gem x

  19. Beehive is beautiful... this is my favourite shade of lipstick. You should try the two Topshop lipsticks from their limited 'Smoke And Mirrors' collection... gorgeous!

  20. Loving the combo!! May have to purchase beehive xx

  21. Thanks for the lovely comments girls :) x


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