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Hey Girlies!

So I was very excited (and lucky) to be invited to an Eylure and Elegant Touch event in London last night. I adore false lashes and pretty nails so this event was right up my street! So off I trotted to London again, armed with my exact itinerary  of where and when to get to the venue which was a very kitsch cocktail bar  Callooh Callay which was in Shoreditch. 

Very luckily I managed to bump into the very bronzed and lovely Laura and a after a little detour we managed to find our way to the very 'Narnia' esque bar and were greeted with other lovely bloggers, lots of lashes and yummy cocktails!

The room was filled of the whole collection of Eylure's Naturalites lashes, Elegant Touch false nails in all shades and nail wraps/stickers. 

We were also fed and watered with gorgeous canap├ęs and very lovely albeit strong cocktails! 

There were also lash and nail applicators on hand to apply anything you wanted!

One of the highlights of my evening was meeting some of my favourite bloggers! I mentioned I met Laura from Belle's Boutique, then we spent the night chatting with Vivianna (Vivianna does make up) Zoe( The London Lipgloss) & Milly (Pearls and Poodles) I also got to meet quickly Jen (Jennifer-Rosellen) It was so lovely to meet fellow bloggers whom share the same interests as me and it was also lovely to meet the girls behind the blogs that I've admired for so long! I of course had a picture taken of the five of us :) 

From L-R- Vivianna, Zoe, Milly, Laura and Me!
I had a really lovely evening and managed to survive in London at night ( my Mum was very relieved when I was back home in my flat!) I even managed to not break my ankle even though my silly boots made walking very impossible (mental note to NEVER wear heels to walk about in again!) 

We were also given a very generous goody bag with lots of lashes, nails and nail wraps to try out ourselves, so expect a post later this week maybe as I will try all the lashes on for you all to see! Eylure have got some gorgeous new ones out so keep your eyes peeled and I definitely think that I will also be venturing into exploring false nails after seeing Elegant Touch's latest offerings!

I hope you all have a lovely evening, I have finished uni for the week now which I'm so, so, so glad about. I am looking forward to having a restful weekend well some uni work thrown in too but hey ho! :) 



  1. Looks like a fab event! All those lashes and nails - heaven! Thank you for the email reply btw x

  2. Wow, looks so fun! It's kind of otherworldly to see all you bloggers together in one picture, LOL!

  3. Omg what a wonderful event, I would of loved it! xx

  4. Great post hun! Was great to meet you too :) Pleased you got home in one piece - those heels were gorgeous but deadly lol! xx

  5. Aww what a lovely event! It made me laugh when you said about your Mum being relieved, mine is the same and I'm 27 lol :) xxx

  6. I still haven't tried falsies! I'm so scared something will go wrong but the eylure one's look gorg!


    Em xx

  7. I am SO gutted I couldn't make it because of working :(!!!

  8. This looks like it was such a good event! Glad you hade fun, the cocktails are the nails look lovely!

  9. Great post. I really like your blog.^^

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  10. This event looks great fun. I'm a big fan of false lashes, I love the big full on thick black ones! xx

  11. nice pix! ill die for those eye lashes ...lol


  12. got invited to this too & decided not to go, wish i did now! x

  13. thanks for sharing! it looks like such a fun event :)

  14. Looked like a great evening. And a goody bag you lucky girl! photo of the heals please :)

  15. Your so lucky you got to go! Love your blog keep up the good work :)


  16. waha just noticed youve got a pic of me getting my nails put on!

    glad you had a good time! :) xxx

  17. Thanks for the comments girls :) it was a fab event, can't wait to show you my goodies! x

  18. wow that looks so awesome! :O
    i wanna go to an event haha!

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