It's a Wrap!

Hey Girlies!

So as mentioned yesterday, I received a goody bag at the Eylure and Elegant Touch event last week, my bag was crammed full of lashes, and some lovely nail accessories. Today I'm going to tell you all about my experience with the Elegant Touch Envy Wraps.

Nail wraps have become a big thing in the beauty industry within the past few months, with fancy manicures such as Minx everyone has gone mad for wraps. The thought of nail wraps have always intrigued me, I always thought that they'd be difficult to apply and thought that it's something that I should maybe try at some point, but just never got round to. So when I got two packs of the Elegant Touch Envy Wraps I was very excited to try them out.

These come in eight different designs but I actually only saw the leopard print ones and the turquoise crocodile print which are the ones that I've got. Now I realise I am very lucky to receive such lovely products but to be honest the turquoise crocodile print are probably a design that I wouldn't choose. But hey I thought I'd give them a go.

So I sat down on Sunday night whilst watching the Xfactor and applied the wraps to both my toes and fingers! I know matchy, matchy how shocking eh? Now I'd always assumed nail wraps needed heat to activate them etc so I was pleasantly surprised that these need no heat and are simply nail stickers that you just stick onto the nail.

How to Apply
  • Buff and file nails as you wish, but ensure the nail is clean.
  • Apply a base coat to the nail 
  • Wait for the base coat to dry 
  • Find the best sized wrap for your selected nail 
  • Peel the sticker off and apply to the nail, place the curved side to the cuticle and gently smooth onto the nail 
  • Once applied, trim the excess wrap or file, I found that trimming with nail scissors worked better
  • Apply a top coat on top of the wrap 
  • To remove you peel the sticker off and then go over the nail with nail polish remover
So yeah that's it, I found it quite an easy process that did take a little getting used to, I found it easier on my toes as I could use both hands and I did find the whole process of getting the wraps the right fit a bit difficult but I imagine practice makes perfect!

Now with the overall finished look, I'm pretty impressed with my toes, I think the turquoise crocodile print looks quite edgy but my fingers were quite messy and you see I have a massive fear of lizards so whenever I looked at my nails I got a little scared and it got to the point I wouldn't even touch my face as I was worried lizards would appear. Yes I know, how odd. So I ended up taking them off, but I still have lizard toes! I think I will definitely look for the leopard print ones as they look really lovely. 

I realise that I also got a Elegant Touch UV Gel coat polished nails pack too but again I haven't used these yet so look out for a review in due course. Elegant Touch Envy Wraps are priced £6.12 each :) 

What do you think of nail wraps? Love them or loathe them? 

Hope you all have a good Thursday evening :) 



  1. really love nail wraps! those ones are very pretty!

  2. I'm obsessed with nail wraps. Incoco and Sally Hansen ones take no heat and no base coat and last a week! I love not having to wait for stuff to dry <3

  3. I love your blog!!!!!!! So glad you post everyday thankyou thankyou thankyou you have just put me a in a better mood! :). Your fingers look lovely!! Xx

  4. I think these are great for toes like you said you can use two hands... or I'd like to do a ring finger mani with these. I think I would end up making a mess... xx

  5. I really want to try out nail wraps. Some of the designs are really cool and would look great for a special occasion or a night out. I don't think I'd just put them on for going to work or uni though (unless I find them super cheap anywhere) xx

  6. I won a set of these nail wraps but have yet to experiment with them, this post has definitely inspired me to give them a go! xx


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