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Hey Girlies!

So you know how I went to a lovely Eylure and Elegant Touch event last week? See post here if your memory needs a rejig! Well I did tease you all at the end saying how I was very lucky to receive a goody bag full of lovely items which would be reviewed in due course. Well today is part one of that review!

Today I will be focusing on lashes, now originally I wanted to write a massive post with all the lashes on show you all how they look compared to each other, however I won't lie to you I don't wear falsies in everyday life, I wear them for work (sometimes) going to parties, special occasions and of course just on a night out. Now if you've been reading my blog a while you will full well know that I'm not exactly what you'd call a party animal.

I also want to keep these lashes in pristine condition for such events so I feel trying five different pairs of lashes on a Saturday afternoon is a bit of a waste, so when I wear these lashes individually I will pop pictures up, so yeah that's why I'm not doing a massive bumper post just in case you were wondering.

So yes I received a whopping five pairs of lashes in my Eylure goody bag (Elegant Touch products review up in a few days) We were told to basically help ourselves to anything we wanted and well I was like a child in a sweet shop. I thought five pairs was a respectable amount, anymore and I'd of felt like Bruce Bogtrotter ( if you don't know who this is then shame on you, Matilda was one of my favourite films when growing up!)
From L-R
Upper Row: Upper and lower lash duo, 110's, 145
Bottom Row: 148 and 161 

The styles that I got were; 148: ultra full lashes for an intense effect, 161: winged style to elongate the eye, 145: Ultra full lashes for an intense effect ( I think these might be the lashes of choice for the Cosmo Blog Awards) Upper and Lower Lashes duo: Seasonal style for a bold look. Now these I'm most looking forward to trying as the lower lash additions are new and I love long lower lashes! I can't wait to try these out!

Please excuse my eyebrows, they will be getting threaded next week!

Last night I had work so I decided to try some of my new lashes, I used the style 110 and was so impressed with them. They're quite a natural style but still have drama. With these people can tell that you're wearing lashes but they don't make me feel like Cher Lloyd which some lashes do make me feel like. These were really easy to apply and lasted all night. I really liked them and preferred them over the 107 style that I wore a few weeks back to work!

I did of course receive many lovely pairs of lashes and I have been well and truly spoilt rotten on the lash front! Look out for future posts featuring the other lashes!

What's your favourite Eylure lash style?!

I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday, I found my Cosmo Blog Awards dress yesterday, it's a little black lacy number. I played it safe in the end, I think I'm going to pair it with a golden tan, big hair, lashes, and a dramatic smokey eye. My final look is going to be channelling a mix of Cheryl Cole circa 2008 and Kim Kardashian!



  1. I really wish i'd gone to this event :( makes me sad that i missed out on all these lashes and meeting lots of fellow bloggers! Love these lashes on you! xx

  2. I saw this brand of lashes at a local store (Detroit, MI, USA) and was so excited! They look fab on you, Corrie :)

  3. They look really natural and not fake at all! Looking forward to seeing an OOTD with your Cosmo Blog awards dress. Saw the picture on Twitter and it looks really nice :) xx

  4. Wow they look so natural!
    Theres some studded lashes i'm in love with at the moment but forgot the brand name dahhh!
    But I found the best bargain ever, a dupe for mac strobe cream for £1.45!!! Please check out my review i'm a new blogger though I've been reading and watching for about 4 years now! I think its worth a read :)

  5. Wow, you really were spoilt lucky girl! I always find I have to trim eye lure lashes down because they're so long on me!

  6. wow you got lots of really cool lashes, wish i could get hold of them :) xx


  7. wow they are gorgeous! i love them xx
    great post your so pretty xx


  8. Ooh those 110's look really nice! I can't remember which Eylures I typically use, got mine stashed away in a lash guard somewhere in the depths of my beauty box haha. Your Cosmo outfit sounds amazing, best of luck in the awards, I've given you a sneaky little vote! (:

  9. They look lovely and natural :) xx

  10. These lashes looks super glamorous. I wish I could live 24/7 with false lashes on!

  11. OOO i want some!!



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