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Hey Girlies!

Today's post is about spots, just in case you haven't already guessed! I know not the most glamorous of subjects but it's something that lots of us have to deal with and something that I've had to put up with over the past few years. As much as I love magazines; 1. the beauty content is NEVER enough and 2. the subject of spots is always glazed over or you're given the usual advice- use toothpaste etc. So I thought that I would write a little post on some tips and stuff that I've picked up from dealing with bad skin!


Now I've had bad skin since I was about 11/12 ish and my Mum always told me that you should never put up with bad skin, as there is stuff out there that can help your skin. My Mum took me to the doctors where I was prescribed over my teenage years different oral pills and different lotions, nothing was ever enough though and nothing ever completely cleared my skin up. When I was 15, the doctors put me on 'the pill' to help my skin. I was put on one called Dianette which is the best one for your skin, and boy it worked a treat! However this pill apparently puts you at the most risk of having a blood clot so I was eventually taken off this and put onto another pill called Yasmin which is the second best pill when it comes to clearing your skin. I've been on this for almost a year now and to be honest my skin has cleared up, so if you want to investigate into looking into these then I would recommend either of these pills as they're the only tablets I've taken that have cleared my skin up. Talk to your doctor though but these are the two that have worked the best for me. I know that I'm probably sharing too much information but it might help someone out there! Also don't let some doctor fob you off that your skin 'isn't bad enough' for treatment. I have seen so many doctors who have clearly never had a spot in their life and would say 'your skin isn't bad' or ' well you wouldn't have so many spots if you didn't wear so much make up' to which I'd reply ' well I wouldn't be wearing make up if you gave me something to clear my skin up.' Ask about these pills or ask for their opinion.


Now there are umpteen products out on the market, but obviously not all of them work. Now I just want to say now before I launch into what has worked for me, please be aware that just because these have worked for me doesn't mean they will work for you, and just because something hasn't worked for me doesn't mean it won't for you. Okay phew important bit over. So I used to be a make up wipe kinda girl, a lazy cleanser as I like to call myself. You see when I'm tired at night, the very last thing I want to do is spend twenty minutes in front of the mirror applying different lotions and potions. However I changed my ways after discovering Liz Earle's cleanse and polish, now I've posted about this before so I won't bore you too much. But using this means my skin is left make up free which I honestly think has helped my skin so, so much. I love the Liz Earle products and would thoroughly recommend them. I also love The Body Shop tea tree/seaweed range, I love the seaweed clay mask for a treat as it clears everything off your skin and your skin feels lovely and refreshed afterwards. 

Quick Fixers

Now I'm sure we've all been in that situation when a massive spot appears the day before or even on the day of an important event when you want to look your best, a party, a date or even just a night out. There's the panic of 'how do I make this go down in time?' Well like most people, I have probably used every single quick fix product out on the market. About 95% of them doesn't work and I've always just had to go out with a lot of concealer on! Though I have found a couple of products that do actually work. So what are these products? Well probably ones that you've heard of many times but for me the miracle workers are Sudocrem and Tea Tree Oil. Sudocrem works for me when used over night, I find that it works better when you don't rub it in too much and tea tree oil is great for during the day as it helps reduce the size of the spot! These are both cheap and effective and they've worked better than anything else I've ever used.

General Tips
  • Drink water. I know a very common tip but I have found my skin has got better since I ditched the fizzy pop. All I used to drink was coke and now all I drink is water and I feel a little dirty when I drink coke now ( I know, I'm a little weirdo) 
  • Try to not drink too much alcohol- It always surprises me how much rubbish is in alcohol, because I am probably the world's most boring student, I rarely drink as whenever I go out and get really drunk, I usually end my night being sick which isn't very enjoyable. I have noticed my skin is a lot better now than it was in my first year when I was going out a few nights a week. I used to be so hardcore ;) 
  • Try to not worry/stress too much, stress and worry does cause spots. I always break out when I've been a bit stressy. Try to relax, my favourite ways of relaxing is having a bubble bath with a face mask or shutting the curtains, lighting the candles and watching a favourite programme (currently mine is TOWIE!)
So there we go, I hope this has helped if you also suffer with bad skin. I hope you all have a lovely Saturday, I'm now off to give the flat a massive clean, what an exciting life I lead! 

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  1. Thanks for this, i've just been put on Diannette hope it works! xxx

  2. Hi Corrie I have a quick question! I've just been put on Dianette for my skin problems but I was told its also a contraceptive? Is this true from your not sure if its totally safe for that use too or not? If you could tweet me that'd be great! xxx

  3. Great post lovely!

    I was put on Cilest about two and a half years ago after the doctor suggested it for my bad skin. Needless to say, it improved my skin greatly. I still suffer from the odd spot/breakout when I'm stressed or rundown (or eat unhealthily) but it's made a great difference.

    Charlotte xxx

  4. You use the EXACT same stuff I use! I've only been on Yasmin for about 2 months though and my skin has been the worst it's ever been which has been very upsetting but apparently it's normal and it begins to clear up during the third/four month so fingers crossed!

    Thanks for this post though, it's quite sad but it's rather comforting reading other bloggers experiences of bad skin and how they battled through it etc. and what pieces of advice they can give :)

    Lucy xxx

  5. Exactly how I deal with mine! Except for the pill! xx

  6. Lovely tips, I learned a thing or two from this myself! I want to seek out some Sudocrem in the States... eventually I'd like to try Yasmin but BC can make me feel bipolar :(

  7. The pill really did sort my spots, although you have to be careful because one the doctor did put me on made me get these really horrible, big bumps like spots with out a head on my skin and it was awful!
    Great post, really helpful, I am so tempted to try Liz Earle's skin care stuff!

  8. When I was using Dianette it didn't work for me however Yasmin does its a great pill without the bad side effects all this tips are great seems like we've been down the same roads. I'm yet to try Liz Earle but am seriously contemplating it just worried about the oils in them great post xoxx

  9. I never used any sort of tablets, but I swear by the Liz earle cleanse and polish, toner and moisturizer, its helped my skin so much! I also use tea tree oil and sudocream when I get a spot,and to prevent them I usually dab a bit of panoxyl gel onto my oily areas where I usually get them, and I haven't had a bad spot in absolutely ages (cross fingers! loved reading this :) xxx

  10. I'm lucky to have skin that isn't majorly spot-prone, although I have noticed stress always causes me to have a breakout even if it's just small. It really is weird how mental stress can effect your body but at least I can try to avoid it now I know :)

    xxx Kat

  11. This is great advice, i need to start drinking more water and less coke, i drink so much of the stuff i get headaches if i go a day without it! x

  12. I use the same methods for my mild acne, it doesn't make it disappear but it helps soothe and reduce redness! I use PanOxyl cream which can be purchased from Amazon, it's amazing! Seriously recommend it to anyone with acne/bad spots.

    Em xx

  13. i totally agree!! i use all the same hunni!

    please follow my NEW blog...

  14. I'm desperate to go back on Yasmin for this exact reason, but my doc won't put me on it because I'm overweight, i'm getting so annoyed with it... surely if i take the liability I should be allowed to take whatever pill I like! I'm on a POP pill now and my spots are worse than ever! Not that my GP listens, he obviously looks at things from a medical POV rather than a cosmetic lol.

    great post!


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