Sod the award, it's all about the goody bag....

Hey Lovelies!

So as promised here is the post on the amazing products that were in the Cosmo Blog Awards goody bag. I didn't even think we'd get goody bags, this blogging event malarkey is all new to me, so when I saw these cute little bags, my eyes lit up like a Christmas tree (how soon is Christmas? Need to get my present buying skills out!)

That said I wasn't even expecting half as much stuff in the goody bags, I was on the train home taking each thing out going 'oooh' and 'aaaah' and 'omg' in my head, I couldn't say it loud as can you imagine what an orange girl in a lace dress sitting on her own would look like going 'oh my god look at this!'

The bag itself is amazing, it has past covers of Cosmo magazine, it's a funky little bag that I decided that if I was still in school I would use it as my PE bag.

So what was in my goody bag, well I'm about to tell you...

Skincare products:
  • Good Things Miracle Mattifier - this smells so yummy, like a fruit smoothie, I am excited to try this as I love a good mattifier, 
  • Witch Blemish Gel- This is right up my street as I love trying quick fix blemish products out!
  • Witch Cleansing and Toning wipes-a product you can never go wrong with. 
Make up 
  • 17 BB cream- There's been so much hype about the blemish balms I'm excited to finally try one!
  • Dainty Doll Blusher- When I saw this I was like ooooooooooh! I'm a massive Girls Aloud fan and have always been intrigued by Nicola Robert's make up line, I got the shade 003 which I would to be honest use more as a highlight than an actual blush
  • Kiss Eyelashes- These are AMAZING, review to follow in due course. 
Hair Products
  • Paul Mitchell- Soft Spray- This is a finishing spray, that's literally all it says, so I will try it and see if it does finish my look. 
  • Moroccan Oil- Now this is the main beauty of the bag, I was overjoyed when I saw this as I've always wanted to try Moroccan Oil but never been able to justify the prices! I love this and I used it yesterday and my hair is so, so soft, so soft I keep stroking it, I keep remembering to not do this in public though. 
  • Ring from Stylist Pick- I love this ring, it's right up my street but different to anything else I own, it's not come off my finger yet! Well apart from when I've been showering, sleeping etc. 
  • Ring from Accessory Freaks- This is a unique little glittery number, I love the colour of this ring, so glittery and it would make a truly amazing nail varnish! 
  • Elegant Touch Envy Nail Wraps- I've got some more wraps but they're the crocodile ones again!
Miscellaneous products
  • Vitamin Water- My sister says she loves this, I've never tried it, but here is my chance!
  • Cadbury Bliss chocolate- again another of my favourite items, yummy chocolate? Right up my street
  • Jelly Beans- I let my boyfriend eat these, they're natural and suitable for vegetarians, cool eh? 
  • Perfume atomiser by Travalo- I'm not going to lie, when I first saw this I thought it was one of those 'toys' you get from Ann Summers, I was like 'whoops better not get this out on the train!' But then once home and I investigated, it's an actual perfume atomiser. This will be a handy gadget for putting my perfume in when we go away and stuff! It does look like one of those 'toys' though. 
  • There was a lovely little piece of card saying congrats etc and with a 25% stylist pick discount on, I went on last night and fell in love with some wedges but they weren't in my size :( so I'm hoping some more will come on the website soon, I'm gutted the discount doesn't last till December as I could bought some of Cheryl's shoes! 
So there we go, the contents of my goody bag, not bad eh? I personally thought who needs an award when you have a goody bag like this? Sometimes being a blogger pays off ;) 

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday :) 

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  1. The goodie bag looks amazing! I would love to try the Moroccan Oil! X

  2. oh gosh amazing selection of goodies right there! would love to try out nicola roberts makeup as she is my favourite, but id feel like a bit of a fraud in my overly fake tanned ways!


  3. I'm so jealous! That goodie bag looks incredible :) xxx

  4. So jealous! There ate some amazing products in your bag :) xxx

  5. Wow! Everything there looks AMAZING!

    Also, Morroccan Oil is truly a life saver - expensive, yes, but I don't think I could live without it :)

  6. ahh you lucky little thing!
    Morrocon oil and Argan oil are amazing, especially if you're prone to a cheeky bleach / straighten!


  7. Corrie m'love, you do make me laugh, first with your orange girl on the train remark, next with your thinking the atomisor was an Ann Summers bullet :o) great goodie bag, thanks for sharing!! x

  8. That is the coolest goodie bag ever!
    There was so much stuff in it, the Moroccan oil looks really good! xx

  9. Such a lovely goody bag! I'm fairly new to the blogging event thing too, so goody bags are such a massive treat! xx

  10. oh wow, the bag alone is so cute :) thanks for sharing xxx

  11. Ahh cool, it is like Christmas!

  12. I love the gift bag itself <3.

    Sadie x

  13. Wow, what an amazing bag! So jealous of the moroccan oil! xx

  14. Amazing products! Lucky girl :)

    Sarah xx

  15. Im very jealous, i want to try the Moroccan oil so badly, i would totally use it as my P.E bag too if i was still at school! x

  16. Brilliant goody bag!! That will keep you busy blogging and you wont have to spend any money buying things for a while!! xxx

  17. Amazing goody bag!! You're so lucky! Love your blog xxx

  18. amazing amazing goodybag!!


  19. Wow what an amazing goody bag! The bag itself is gorgeous! x

  20. such a great goody bag, morrocon oil is really amazing!

  21. Wow what an amazing goody bag, the Moroccan oil is one of my favourite hair products it makes your hair ridiculously soft. :-)

  22. Loving the goodies but also loving the bag itself! How cool is that bag!:D


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