Motel Rocks & Glossybox Bloggers Event...

Hey lovelies,

So I'm sure many of you are aware that last night was the Motel Rocks blogger event as lots of bloggers were invited and Twitter was full of girls chatting about what to wear and where to meet etc! I was a lucky blogger who managed to secure a last minute invitation and off I tootled to London (in some sensible boots this time, no heels for me.)

The first part of my journey was going to meet up with the lovely Anna and Holly, I did manage to embarrass myself whilst organising where to meet them as I was texting my boyfriend too and I managed to put a 'love you' on the end of my text to Holly. I think she may of been a little worried for a second! I found them in the loos in Topshop and then we waited outside for a clan of blogging beauties to join us and we made our way to the event.

As soon as we got there we were hit by the smell of popcorn and candyfloss! I just had to have some candyfloss being the child inside that I am and couldn't help thinking it looked like a pink version of Marge Simpson's hair! I also had a cheeky cocktail and met some lovely bloggers who I've wanted to meet for ages!

Motel's Christmas range was out in rails for everyone to browse, however the room was chockablock of bloggers so looking at the clothes was pretty impossible, I did spot a few things I liked which included a very Caroline Flack esque leopard print dress/playsuit and also had my eye on some the jewel toned dresses, rich berries and cool teals. There was also lots of sequins and bodycons which are perfect of course for the Christmas party season! I am very much looking forward to seeing the collection online and maybe popping a few items on my Christmas wish list ;)

Glossybox were also there holding a competition where you had to guess the amount of items in the box and if you were right you got a free Glossybox! I didn't get a chance to enter as the queue was always three people deep whenever I was near, I did spot some of their gorgeous little cupcakes though! There was also Boom nails who were providing gorgeous nail art, my nails were already painted but if they weren't I'd of definitely got mine done!

It was a lovely event and as always with blogger events, I got to see and talk to lovely bloggers over cocktails which beats sitting in watching Hollyoaks as that's how my usual Thursday evenings go by! Did you go to the event? What did you think?

A big thanks to Motel Rock and Selina for organising a lovely event and for inviting me :)
You can see Motel's newest arrivals here 

I hope you all have a lovely Friday :)



  1. Ooh I recognise that face ;) hello Sarah!

    I was working in London last night - I saw a lady with some of those balloons on the tube on my way home, perhaps she was at the event!?

    Looks like it was a good one - thanks for the pics! x

  2. Oh that was so sweet, there I was thinking you loved me...! Haha :) so lovely to see you you've got some lovely pictures from the event. You're in one of the ones on the glossy box Facebook too xxx

  3. The back of my head is on your blog! Wins! Great photos it was a lovely night x

  4. I love Motel clothing, although I love candy floss even more lol I would of been on it like a car bonnet haha xx

  5. So jealous! I want some of that candy floss. The event looks absolutely amazing! xx

  6. Ahh looks like you had a lovely time - very envious of the candy floss!x

  7. Wow, this event looks amazing! Cakes and candyfloss... I'm too jealous! x

  8. It looks like you had an amazing time :) xx

  9. Twitter was alight yesterday with talk of this event, looks to be a great night after reading the reviews..
    very jealous of the candyfloss and cupcakes..yum!

  10. It was a fab night, you got some great photo's I wish I had taken more! It was definitely the best Thursday eve I've had in a while, you can't really beat strawberry mojito's, delicious cupcakes clothes upon clothes and some blogging banter!
    Tilly M x

  11. I 100% failed at being a blogger last night, I think I totalled about 4 photos, 2 of which were of a cupcake and popcorn :P So lovely to finally meet you last night Corrie, it was such a nice little evening, manic as it was! xx

  12. I've loved reading everyones posts on the Motel event! Your photos are great.. I'm very excited to see the range!
    Glad you had a lovely time.. And what girl DOESN'T love candy floss?!x

  13. mmm that candyfloss looks lovely! Glad you had fun there and you took some great photos :)



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