The Nicest Mushroom Around..

Hey lovelies!

So I was browsing the counters of Superdrug the other day and noticed they are running a 3 for 2 cosmetic offer which is just lethal for make up addicts like me. I won't say what the two other products were that I bought as I will blog about them at a later point, but the thing I picked up to be my third product was one of the infamous Barry M dazzle dusts in Mushroom.

I already have a couple of the dazzle dusts and love them, yes they're a little messy but they're so pigmented and great for the price tag. I swatched about 10 different colours and finally decided to go with a colour that I didn't have in my collection although being initially drawn to all the gold/copper colours. Mushroom is what I can describe as a taupe/glittery grey. I've wanted to get mushroom after seeing it on a Youtube Cheryl Cole make up tutorial, so about two years later it was finally mine.

I do like this colour but it's a little weird taking some used to as I'm so used to my gold colours on my eyes, but it's good to mix things up isn't it? I also just want to stress what is it with Barry M calling their products Mushroom? Not only a dazzle dust but also a nail polish!?! I tell you what, next time old Bazza is on Twitter giving away his free make up, I may very well ask him what's with his obsession with Mushrooms. I'm sure he'd love that and I'm sure I wouldn't get a reply!

The eye look I've been rocking the past couple of days using Barry M's Mushroom. 

This colour lasts all day and is very pigmented like all the other dazzle dusts. I would recommend them if you're on a budget but still want fabulous eye make up. Also take advantage of the 3 for 2 offers that are around at the moment! I am definitely eyeing up some of the other gold colours in the collection!

Do you love Barry M's dazzle dusts? I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday :)

I need your help actually, well your opinions, I want to do something different with my hair colour and I'm stuck between going a red/plum colour again or ombre'ing my hair... Let me know what you think!

Also who else is desperate to know what the 'golden rule' was that Frankie Cocozza broke in order for him to be kicked out the Xfactor?



  1. Love it! such a lovely colour :) Ive never really given a second look at the dazzle dusts but i really like the look of this one! .. Not sure if its the "golden rule" but it says that he was bragging to producers about taking cocaine and thats why they felt the need to get rid of him x

  2. this colour is lovely! and it has to be ombre hair - its amazing! xx

  3. Hey hun great post, yes you should put that mushroom question forward!! and that colour really suits you :)

  4. I would say go for a red/plum colour as not so many people have it anymore and its perfect for the winter time :)
    I have the dazzle dust in a bright pink which was for a fancy dress outfit so a bit bold although I do also own it in black but never use it. Perhaps i should dig it out! xx

  5. This makes your eyes look lovely and glossy!
    They're dazzle dusts are great!x

  6. I have this dazzle dust, it's one of my faves!
    Defo ombré the hair :) perhaps you could colour the very tips with a plum colour once you've ombre'd it...
    I think it was over his cocaine habit... (well, according to the gossip on Twitter anyway, haha)

  7. This looks lovely, i have a couple of dazzle dusts and i think they are great quality for the price x

  8. That looks beautiful :). Your blog is so bad for me whenever you put anything on here I always want to go out and buy it! ..But YES about the Cocozza thing! DM and their sleazy website has me absolutely hooked. It's all a fix just for ratings I reckon! Xx

  9. Ive never tried dazzle dusts, always thought thered be alot of fall out and mess but i love this colour!

  10. I absolutely loooooove dazzle dusts! And I deffo do NOT have enough of these beauties. I love using the gold dust dabbed on to eyeshadow to finish a look, really brightens it up beautifully :) They're also great for nail art too!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  11. I bought this shade a few years ago, one of the first things I ever got from barry m, its a beautiful shade, I love it! Completely forgot about it till now though, I need to give it some more love!.

  12. pretty! i love how it has a soft shimmer to it yet still shows the color through it all.

  13. You've inspired me to dig out Mushroom from my stash under the bed! I can't actually remember a time I've ever used it...that's bad :\ lol
    I think either hair ideas would look good as you have such lovely hair! (I know that doesn't really help lol sorry) xx

  14. Absolutely gorgeous colour on you! I just bought one of the Mac pigment eye shadow powders today so I'm going to have to compare between the two, I'm secretly rooting for Barry M to come out on top! :) xxx

  15. This is such a gorgeous shade, it's a shame I never wear it enough! I like to use it wet and it looks so pretty and much more pigmented then! xxx

  16. Believe it or not I have never used dazzle dust!! This one looks amazing, I'm going to have to give it a try at last hehe. Yeah I can't wait to hear more about Frankie Cocozza too, I'm gutted he walked :( As for your hair, I think it looks lovely the way it is <3 xoxo

  17. Would love to try this colour.

  18. Love the colour, think it suits you well!
    Have a couple dazzle dusts myself, cant say i use them regular, but havnt this colour, so may have to invest..hmmm...

    Hair wise, colour is fab as is, but i feel your need for change as i too am going through i would stay away from red, sooo many ppl have it since cheryl and riri went red.. i mentioned a caramel colour to my hairdresser the other day and he said ppl are starting to go lighter?!?

    XFactor, would love to know, but i dont care, im not a frankie fan.. :(


  19. Hey! I think you'd suit the red/plum colour:) I so want this colour, and I SOO want to know that golden rule!!!

  20. Jlalamb- Thank you lovely! :) It is a lovely colour, I know I did hear.. tut tut Mr. Cocozza! x

    Emma- Thanks lovely :) I'm so torn! x

    Sallyanne- Thanks lovely :) I think I may! x

    Thelandofbeautyblog- Yeah I'm not sure, so indecisive! Yeah do dig it out! x

    Lauren Rose- Thanks lovely :) x

    Cara- It's gorgeous isn't it? Yes that's very true! I know I did see, I don't know if he has a habit though, do you? x

    Emma- they are aren't they? x

    Katie- Aww I'm sorry! Lol, Yes I love the DM website too, I am always on it! x

    Zoe- oh you should, they don't have any fall out atall :) x

    Aysh- Yes they're great aren't they? Ooh good tip :) x

    Makeup-Meoww- Yes it's lovely :) x

    Kellyyes- Yes it's subtle but still has drama!

    Sarah- Yes you should it is lovely! :) aah thank you :) x

    Jennifer June- Yes definitely, I would love to see a post on this! x

    Charlotte- Yes it is lovely, oooh I love using wet eyeshadows too, makes such a difference! x

    Tiffany- Oh really? you should :) I know, I didn't mind him to be honest at least he was interesting! thanks lovely :) x

    Danielle- You should it's lovely! x

    C- Thanks sweet :) aah thank you! I know I don't know what to doo! x

    Blog before beauty- Ah thank you :) I think it was to do with drugs... naughty! x

  21. go to a plum colour, lovely autumn colour! :)) xxx

  22. love the colour its so cute on you xoxo

  23. I got this the other day, its gorgeous. xx


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