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Hey Lovelies!

I really didn't know what to call this post so I thought ' when in doubt, quote the Spice Girls.' Although this is a outfit post, I felt I'd be a bit boring if I just labelled this OOTD or OOTN cause this was a night outfit. I wore this on Thursday night when my boyfriend and I went for a meal with my boyfriend's Dad and Step-mum who had come to visit us for a couple of days. I always like to dress nicely when I go out and even though we were just going to for a meal in a nice country pub I wanted to look nice cause like I've said before you never know who you might bump into!

Lady in Black! Cheery colour Corrie
Also say hello to my boyfriend who you can see in the background!

But something that makes this outfit a little different to normal and where the Spice Girl title starts to make sense is the fact that I've used two tops to create one different looking top. Yes I realise that doesn't make much sense but basically the peter pan collar is on a H&M vest top that I have and I layered it underneath my Zara lace top to create a new look. I really like this and think you can't tell it's two tops together and I'll definitely be doing this to  my other tops as I have a thing about peter pan collars at the moment! This is also another outfit which is inspired by my current style crush Caroline Flack as she also loves her peter pan collars and shorts! I think my boyfriend doesn't know what to worry about more either my current obession with Caroline Flack or my infatuation with Harry Styles!

Peter Pan Collar Top: H&M
Lace Top: Zara
Shorts: Miss Selfridge
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Primark
Lipstick: Look Beauty Double Hit Lip in Pink Punch
Nails: Emerald City- Models Own

I think I should get more creative often as it makes your old clothes feel new again which is great for saving money! Do you ever adapt your clothes like this? Or by any chance know where I can get a vest top with a white peter pan collar to layer underneath tops?

I hope you all have a lovely Saturday evening, mine will be spent watching Xfactor and trying to find something to eat from the non existent food in our cupboards. As a snack I just ate a little travel sachet of Nutella with a spoon. I have reached a new low. Also I am recovering from shock after when waiting for my taxi to pick me up from work a seagull dropped a sausage on my leg! It had some force, I was like what was that?! Then they all stated to circulate around me, was a very scary moment I tell you!

Ooh also, also, I went to see Breaking Dawn on Thursday night/Friday morning and all I have to say is WOW. Seriously so intense, I almost bit through my finger at one point and started crying from about ten minutes in which my boyfriend found HILARIOUS. I won't ruin it for you all but there is one scene that has scarred me slightly. If you've read the books you'll probably know which one! Also I now definitely fancy Taylor Launter over Robert Pattinson. Sorry R-Patz but you've lost it.

 Have a lovely evening :)



  1. You look gorgeous lovely! Love the two in one top :)


  2. Love it! Love the little colour pop in the nails! I've just bought a w7 polish with is very similar to it so I'm so excited for it to arrive. You look delish ;) xxx

  3. That's a really nice outfit! I agree with the bumping into someone part... Every time I leave the house looking just... blah, I'm terrified of bumping into my ex with his new girlfriend or something. :D Just kidding. :)


  4. hahahha the seagull thing made me laugh so much! you poor thing sounds terrifying! im off to experiment with peter pan collar layering now :) x

  5. I was admiring your love of peter pan collars the other day - I'm a big fan too but only own 1 dress with a PP collar. :( xx

  6. You love lovely, as always!
    Every time I see these shorts I want them a little more and I love making an effort when going out. You never know who you might meet ;) xo

  7. This is so pretty!
    I'm also very much like you and have crazy love for both Caroline Flack and Harry Styles (feel like a perve but who can't love him!).


  8. So creative, I love that you put 2 tops together, to create one super top! :o)
    I think I know what bit you mean in Breaking Dawn, looking forward to seeing it also, but hoping that the buzz will die down slightly and I can see it in a quieter cinema where no one will judge me for gasping and oohing as and when I please. Is it sad that I'm slightly looking forward to the sex scene?! Any man that can break a bed like that is fine by me... but like you I'm much more of a Jacob girl ;o) lovely lip colour you have on BTW xx

  9. Georgeous outfit choice , I wish i could wear Peter pan type tops, but as I have a very round face they just don't look good on me :( can't wait to see Breaking Dawn but I have to wait a few weeks :(

  10. Cute outfit! While I haven't seen Breaking Dawn yet, during New Moon Jacob overtook Edwards place in my heart too! LOL

  11. Completely agree with dressing up, even for dinner! Makes you feel better too I think!
    Good idea to mix up your tops and wear them togther, I sometimes wear dresses as tops with a longer skirt over them...
    Belle du Brighton

  12. abso love your outfit, especially the top combo!!
    Breaking Dawn was brilliant, omg i'm still buzzing now :D
    Kayla xoxo


  13. Omg would never have thought that was two tops!!! great post hun!! It think its deffo ok to have a obsession with Caroline!!

  14. You always make me laugh, I love your sense of humor! Poor R-Patz :P You look chic as usual! I was just thinking "I really like her top" and then turns out you MacGuyvered it, clever girl! I like the paperbag waist of the shorts, too. I hope you find some good food for your cupboard soon.

  15. As soon as I saw the title I instantly started singing the Spice Girls lol!

    This outfit is super cute <3

  16. cute outfit!


  17. Caroline Flack wore the exact same shorts and a long sleeve lace shirt from zara last night, you are definitely pyschic xx

  18. You look gorgeous hun, love the black on black!!! Omg saw Breaking Dawn Friday night (cannot believe I managed to get tickets) it was so amazinggggggg and so shocking at the same time!!!! Bring on part2!!!!!!!! <3

  19. You look really great, such a lovely outfit. I tend to do things like this, as I always can never afford clothes haha. xxx

  20. You look beautiful - I adore your shorts! xx

  21. Never would have thought it was two tops! So pretty!


  22. You look gorgeous here hun!

    Sarah xx

  23. You look lovely, love this outfit! I've been going a bit Peter Pan collar crazy at the moment! The seagull incident actually made me snort outloud ahaha xxx

  24. You are so pretty! I love your outfit!Kisses

  25. you look lovely! Could you tell me what size are these shorts, please?:)


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