New winter hair & OOTD

Hey lovelies!

So if you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I dyed my hair last night. I've been wanting to dye my hair for a little while now as I was getting a little bored of my natural colour and just wanted a change. In the end I decided to opt for a plum/dark brown colour and chose Superdrug's new foam hair dye in the shade Deep cherry brown. The dye itself was a bargain at £3.99, compared to it's rival John Frieda which is £9.99. I'm pretty pleased with the dye, it's left my hair feeling like silk and super shiny. There also was so much foam, my hair is really long and usually takes quite a lot to cover but by about half way through I was thinking ' well I've got enough on my hair now!'

I know this is a really weird photo, just what is my hand doing? But at least you can see the shinyness 

It is a little bit dark at the moment and I can't quite decide if in some lights I look like a goth or the Kardashians ugly cousin. I'm sure once I've washed it a couple of times it will fade slightly, but I'm liking the added glossiness and a richer colour for the winter!

I also thought that I would just pop at outfit photo in this post too, kill one bird with two stones and all that. I just had a boring day of uni today, feeling shattered now for some reason and literally so excited for my tea, nice sausages, roast potatoes and gravy! Ha my world definitely revolves around food!

I don't know why I look about 5 in this photo...
Cardi: H&M
Top (Lace): Zara
Top (peter pan collar): H&M
Shorts: Topshop
Tights: Primark
Boots: Primark 

These shorts are super short and I had another case of looking like I had no trousers on again when I had my coat on! 

Have you changed your hair lately? Do you like the new plum colour? 

I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday evening, like I mentioned before I will be having some yummy tea, watching Gossip Girl and sobbing about the fact Caroline Flack and Harry Styles are basically official. (Just joking, I'm not THAT obsessed!) 



  1. wow, your hair is gorgeous. so shiny and that darker colour really suits you. :) x

  2. Love your new hair colour it looks gorgeous! X

  3. This hair is stunning, suits you so well! I love the shorts too.

  4. you are gorgeous and your hair is seriously lovely! xx

  5. WHAAAT? They're official now?! Gross she's going to be an old lady when he's middle aged : /

    And don't be silly, you don't look gothy or kardashian-ey (well you do but in a good way not an ugly cousin way!) and I really like the new colour


  6. Your hair is gorge honey! I'm currently going from red to almost black, long process!xxx

  7. love love love your hair corrie!!! you are making me want to do something reddish!!!

  8. Your hair looks beautiful! I'm so jealous, I wish mine was that long :) xxx

  9. Your hair is gorgeous Corrie! I dyed mine last Friday to 'deep maroon' although it looked more purple than red lol xx

  10. I think the hair color is perfectly rich for winter, and your shorts are super-cute <3

  11. Beautiful colour, it really suits you! x

  12. Your hair looks lush! Definitely Kardashian style - but not ugly cousin!

  13. where did u get the black and silver bead bracelet from and how much was it?xx

  14. Such a gorgeous girl! Just discovered your blog- now following
    I really love those shorts too xxx


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