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I'm sure you've all heard of the MUA (Make Up Academy) make up range that has taken the beauty world by storm. The original MUA stands which are in Superdrug boast affordable make up with many items all being £1.00, the launch of MUA Pro also saw affordable make up with eye palettes at prices such as £4.00 and rivalling the Urban Decay Naked Palette. MUA have a few new things added to their Pro collection and today I am talking about their new Out There Plumping lipglosses.

Priced at an amazing £2.00 and come in eight different shades, these are a new exciting addition to the MUA Pro stand. I was offered the chance to try one of the new plumping lipglosses, which I jumped at, I've always had a little obsession with plumped up lips and products that boast about plumping your lips up. I'd never have collagen or anything like that cause I do think sometimes that can look a little ridiculous, but I remember when I was younger and I had an operation in my mouth, the first couple of days after the op I was very impressed with my slightly swollen lips. Like I've always said, I was weird when growing up. (My boyfriend will probably argue that I am still weird.)

Shade choice:I chose the shade "Nude" mainly for two reasons, I love my nude lips and secondly I've practically run out of my beloved Barry M toffee lipgloss so I needed a new one to take it's place. The eight shades to choose from range from nudes to baby pinks to vibrant bright pinks and corals. There is a shade for everyone. My nude shade is a typical nude colour and is very well pigmented. I will attach a photo below of me wearing the lipgloss below with nothing else on my lips to show the true colour.

The 'Plumping':Now these lipglosses boast that they will get your pout looking perfect and plump. Now when you first put this lipgloss on you feel nothing then within two minutes you feel a slight tingling sensation which lasts for about thirty seconds. My lips felt a little more plumped up but I didn't feel like I had a new set of lips. However this lipgloss is only £2.00 so I wasn't expecting collagen effects, but you definitely feel something happen. Though a little word of warning, don't get this lipgloss in your mouth as the plumping effect ingrident doesn't taste very nice, it very slightly felt like I'd just eaten a very hot chili.

Longetivity: When you pay £2.00 for a lipgloss you don't hold out much hope for a lipgloss that lasts a long time, you usually accept that you'll have to reapply regularly. This gloss lasts a little while, I'd say probably up to a hour max before I find I'm reaching for a top up.

Overall Thoughts: This lipgloss didn't move the world for me, but it's a nice lipgloss with a lovely variety of colours and remember costs just £2.00. It's probably the best lowest costing lipgloss I've used so far. It's well pigmented and does slightly plump your lips which is perfect for all that kissing under the mistletoe!

Me wearing the shade Nude from the MUA Pro Out There Plumping lipglosses. This is the gloss on it's own, I used no other products on my lips. 

You can buy any of the MUA range from their new official website HERE

Have you ever tried any of MUA's offerings? I have another review on a MUA product which I will pop up very soon so look out for that :)

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday afternoon/evening, mine will be spent practising for my presentation tomorrow, listening to One Direction, eating casserole and Pavlova (not at the same time) and watching Xfactor. What an exciting evening eh ;) I hope that yours are a little more exciting than mine!

N.B I was given this product to review by MUA's PR, but as always my opinion remains 100% honest and reliable. 


  1. oooh thanks for the lowdown on these, I wasnt aware they'd brought out more new products! Im gonna have a look next time i'm in town! <3

  2. lovely shade Corrie! Will have to pop over to the website and get some ordered!
    Em xx

  3. Gosh that's a really nice nude, especially for the price! Looks lovely on you :)

  4. I really like this shade, havent tried out their lipglosses yet.


  5. Great shade! £2 bargain!

  6. Lovely shade, great review :)



  7. You look beautiful Corrie! X


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