VIDEO: 13 Personal Questions

Hey lovelies!

Hope you're all having a great Friday evening so far, I've just ate a yummy tea and now sitting in front of season 2 90210, cannot beat it! I thought I'd just pop up my latest YouTube video which is the tag video 13 personal questions. I have to admit I did take inspiration from Anna, after seeing her video I thought what a fun video to do. I also thought that it's a good way for you all to find out a little bit more about me, I always love watching these videos as I love finding out more about bloggers and YouTubers. You probably won't find me very interesting though!

I really hope you like it, and don't think it's too boring! 

I hope you all have a lovely evening, I'm off to watch some more 90210 and feel guilty about the fact that I haven't done any uni work today, whoops! 



  1. SO glad you did this!! I was going to recommend you do this :). Love your videos! X

  2. love the video corrie! you've just made me really intrigued to see if your boyfriend does look like justin bieber now!


  3. Loving your rant on the skin coloured tights haha! I hate them too!

    Nicola x

  4. i dont normally watch blogger youtube videos.. dont know why. but i watched this and youre adorbz! :) my ipod is full of cringe songs too dont worry! xx

  5. I love One Direction...I literally can't stop listening to them. I wear flesh coloured tights, but I have a scar on the back of my leg so don't feel confident fully whipping them out, but it's always good to show a bit of leg sometimes:)

    Sophie x x

  6. Loved this video Corrie! have to say when your talking about slow walkers I totally agree! I almost kicked a girl when I was in boots on saturday cause she was just dawdling about! p.s. love the hair :) xx

  7. Corrie you always make me laugh! Please please please post a pic of your bf so we can see the Bieberness :) xx


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