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Hey Lovelies,

So just thought I'd pop a post up with my latest video whilst I kill some time waiting around for my dissertation presentation which is at 2pm. I will be very glad to get it over and done with as I had another presentation yesterday and it means that the real bulk of my uni work ( 3 essays and 2 presentations) will be completed. Tonight I will definitely be indulging in some relaxation, I'm thinking heat magazine, yummy tea and dying my hair (don't worry nothing too drastic a subtle plum/dark brown colour)

Now if you've read my past few posts you will already know of my love of Caroline Flack, I love her style, her hair and her choice of men ( can Harry Styles be classed as a man?!) Before my presentation yesterday I thought I would distract myself from stressing by filming a Caroline Flack inspired make up tutorial. I've re-created her smokey eye and nude lip look but adapted it for the day time as when she's on Xtra Factor she usually has a lot of black eyeshadow which is sometimes a bit much for the day, I may do a night time version at some point.

I hope you like the video, at the very end I do a quick OOTD. Also I am a little orange in this video, over did the fake tan on Sunday night! I'm blaming the dodgy lighting in my bathroom!

Also in other news just wanted to say a big thank you to you all as this week I have reached 1000 followers on here and 1000 subscribers on YouTube which is just mental. I can just about get my head round 1000 people wanting to read my waffle but 1000 people want to hear my horrible voice? Crazy? A big thank you though you've all made my week!

I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday evening :) also Marie Claire have launched their own blog awards, you can vote for your fave blogs/twitter accounts HERE If you want to vote me that's lovely :) but don't feel pressured too, thought you all might like to know the link!



  1. I am so jealous of your hair! would love to see a make up collection/ storage type video :) xx

  2. Corrie you are so stunning! You have beautiful eyes and enviable makeup skills! Love this video :)

    Amy x

  3. I absolutely love this look! Makes me want to dig my make up out and give it a try! Please could you have a quick peek at my blog? Ive only just started it so there isnt many posts yet but it would make my day if you could have a look!

  4. Love your tutorials Corrie! Harry Styles...just saying! ;) Hope your presentation went well lovely :D

  5. Yet another really enjoyable video, thanks so much Corrie. Oh and I love your nails in this video!

  6. wow! lots of make up just for the eyes but love the result. :)


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