What did Santa bring down the chimney?

Hey Lovelies!

Tell you what I think this may be the last post where I can get away with a Christmas inspired title! I'm rather sad Christmas is over, you always spend so much time preparing and buying presents and then it just whizzes by in a blur of turkey, wrapping paper and tinsel! At least we still have NYE to come...

So I know these posts can be a little controversial but personally I love them, I love seeing what people receive for Christmas as it almost gives me inspiration for my next wish list, I'm also a right nosey so and so so I love having a little peek at presents. I received some gorgeous presents this year so wanted to share them with you all, everyone knows me so well ;)

I haven't photographed everything, I've missed out the mountain of chocolate for example and clothes, underwear and pyjamas but right now I am typing this post up whilst sitting in my new fleecy leopard print pjs, you know you're getting old when you love lounging around in fleecy pjs! I also got lots of lovely underwear and socks but I thought that might be a bit weird putting that on the Internet!

So let's start with the make up, I received some lovely make up items this year, my boyfriend took note of my Christmas wish list and treated me to two MAC lippies, a MAC blusher and some real techniques brushes which are amazing! My Mum treated me to some gorgeous Bobbi Brown goodies, I especially love this eye palette which has a beautiful champagne gold and a matte brown! I also got some lovely drugstore goodies, 17 eyeshadows, Body Shop items and much more!

MAC Lipsticks- Myth & Shy Girl, 
Body Shop eye glitter pink,
17 eyeshadow Regal (gorgeous matte navy)
Bobbi Brown eye palette
MAC blush- Melba
Bourjois blush
YSL eyeshadow
Bobbi Brown single eyeshadow- Silver
Body Shop Coconut Lip Roll On 

Moving onto bath stuff now, I got enough to last me till next Christmas I'm sure! I got some old favourites, Body Shop coconut goodies and lots of Soap and Glory lovelies! My Dad got me a few kits which included Soap and Glory body lotion, shower cream and I've finally got my hands on the Breakfast Scrub which just smells DIVINE!

Body Shop Coconut gift set; Shower Cream, Body Butter, Soap, Body Scrub, puffy thing
Giftable Soap & Glory box; Body Wash, Shower Cap, Puffy thing, Body spray, body lotion
Soap & Glory- Breakfast Scrub
Soap & Glory- Hand Food
Radox Bath Smoothies- Tropical Tranquillity 
Sanctuary mini gift set 

 Finally moving onto the main present from my Dad which was an complete surprise, a Kindle! Accompanied with a baby pink case! I wasn't expecting a Kindle at all, but will be very useful indeed as I love reading but tend to not buy books as they're quite costly and you don't know what to do when you've read them! I've already downloaded a couple of books and can't wait to get stuck into them! I also received a couple of books from my Mum which are based in New York and a Cheryl book! I also received the Cheryl 2012 calender! :) I think my boyfriend was relieved it wasn't the One Direction one, though speaking of those boys look at the AMAZING card my sister gave me! Personalised and it says inside 'Keep Calm and Love One Direction.' 

I'll leave you with that little quote now! I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I got, link me up to any posts you've done with your presents, please note I'm not bragging at all, I've been very lucky and spoilt by everyone! I will be posting reviews on these products once I've used them a little more :) I'm finally going to leave you with a little snapshot of our Christmas, being the very modern family we decided to take a family portrait at each family house as we never take pictures, this picture is my favourite out of the lot, purely for my boyfriend's face (he was joking btw, he didn't dislike his presents that much!)

I hope you all have a brilliant evening, tonight me and my sister will be partaking in some cleaning (boring) and painting our nails! 



  1. Where is your christmas hat eh! :p x i wantt the real techniques brushes where are they available?xxxx

  2. You got some gorgeous stuff, I really want a Kindle but I love the feel of a real book so I'm still undecided about that! ps. not gonna lie, i'm quite jealous of the 1d card haha ;)xx

  3. Woww, you got so many amazing things. I love anything coconut scented, so that Body Shop gift set looks divine and I love the Radox Smoothies range. I really love the MAC blush in Melba too. Hope you had a lovely Christmas Corrie! xx

  4. Aww u got some lovely things! I love the 1D card wow!! And those books look so good! :) xxx

  5. I got a kindle for my birthday, and I am completely in love with it :) I hope you enjoy it just as much.

    Very jelly of all your nice makeup, but I was equally spoiled with tons of nail polishes!!

    Hope your having a great Xmas.

    Rie x

  6. ooo I got the 'to a special daughter' with the santa dress christmas card too!
    You have some lovely things there, I think I may have to buy some real techniques brushes with my christmas money :)


  7. what lovely things you got =) x

  8. What lovely presents you got!
    Loving the makeup!
    I have just posted what I got for christmas! :)

  9. I love my kindle! And sooo jealous of anyone who has a dog, desperately want one <3 xx

  10. I absolutely love these types of post, guess that's my nosey side coming out too :)
    Your make up looks lovely and yay for your kindle, I got one too and I'm in love with it so quick and easy to get books
    Looking forward to your make up reviews

  11. Ahhh I bought my boyfriend the penguin you're holding in the bottom picture :) He loves penguins bless him :)! Your presents are just gorgeous, I am especially jealous of the Kindle! I have a post on my christmas presents if you fancy a nose :) http://mldvs.blogspot.com/2011/12/happy-christmas.html xxx

  12. I got a Kindle too! I love it :) Can't wait to see some tutorials with the make up!

  13. They are some beautiful presents! I love my Kindle, it completely reinvented reading! :) X

  14. Wow, such great pressies! Love the looks of the Bobbi Brown palette. Hope you had a great Xmas :)

    Ysis xx

  15. I think all the money Kindle pumped into advertising this Christmas paid off, soooo many people I know got one; including me!! I'm currently looking for a pink cover as my Dad/Father Christmas got me a very sensible black one!
    Glad you got such lovely gifts, if you're interested in what I received, I've posted the link below xx


  16. OOO what fab pressies! I love the lipstick shades you got! I got Snob but im loving the look of Myth.. not heard that one mentioned much on the blogosphere before but it looks lush!

    Happy New Year!!


  17. Wow, you got some great stuff for Christmas!!!

    Mabel Time

  18. Lucky girl. Merry Christmas!

  19. Lovely post! I love reading these too. I also got Shy Girl off my boyfried, it's a lovely everyday colour isn't it?

    Kayleigh xXx.

  20. Lovely stuff! I love Soap & Glory!
    I got Kindle too! I like traditional book but Kindle is so convenient! I like it a lot :)


  21. Looks like you had a great christmas Corrie! I recently finished reading the tiffany book and it was really good! I also have jewells of manhattan and cant wait to start reading that! Miracle on Regent Street by Ali Harris is another great festive book!
    I hope you have a happy new year!
    Love Claudia xo

  22. I really enjoy reading these post's as well. The two mac lipsticks are on my wish list. x

  23. The body shop eye glitter is such a gorgeous colour! such a cute photo.


  24. Body Shop Glitter is amazing i got the spray thing last year and i love the real techniques brushes xD


  25. you got some lovely things for christmas:) I hope you all had an amazing day!
    I love reading these typoes of posts, because I am also a bit nosey haha!

  26. You got so much stuff, lucky lucky lady!

    I also got a mountain of chocolate which I've just about finished now. ooops!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x


  27. lovely post.. u got such lovely presents...


  28. Aww I think us bloggers are very nosey and love these kind of posts :) I was trying to do one but I think I will review a few items and post up seperately.
    Your family portrait is a cutey :)
    Have a fab New Year honey! I hope all your dreams come true this year :)


  29. I got Shy Girl too! I LOVEEE IT! Definitely new everyday lippie colour :)




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