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Hey Lovelies!

I think I gave some of you a laugh when I posted my favourite beauty products of 2011 (LINK) and my favourite and only four MAC lipsticks were all similar shades of nude. My boyfriend said to me at Christmas  'I don't get the difference between those two lipsticks I bought you, they look the same'.Whilst trying to explain to him how Shy Girl was a peachy nude and Myth was a matte light nude and getting a look from him as if I had a second head, in the end I just gave up. So yes you can tell that I love nude lipsticks. Being a girl who loves a smokey eye even for the daytime, I like to keep it simple on my lips, well until now.

My Current fave bright lipsticks..

I don't about you but when you're obsessed with beauty and make up you sometimes want to change up your regular make up look, I'm having a bit of an obsession with the Made in Chelsea girls at the moment, I love how simple their make up is but they look blimmin' stunning. I decided I wanted to take a leaf out of their book and try to keep my make up a little more natural (well as natural as you can when you're orange tanned) but of course when you have simple eye make up and base you can bring in some drama with your lips. I recently bought the Cheryl Cole lipstick by L'oreal which you all know which is a gorgeous bright red and I have been loving wearing it (albeit in the flat) with a simple eye look. I've also re-discovered my love for my Look Beauty Double Hit Lip in Pink Punch which is just the most gorgeous barbie pink colour. I wore it yesterday to film some YouTube videos accompanied by a pink jumper and really liked the look. So much that I intend to wear this look when I return back to uni.

Me wearing L'oreal Cheryl Cole lipstick in Red Passion in the top picture and Look Beauty Pink Punch in the bottom. 

I know that first and foremost I will always love nude lipsticks and to be honest if ever see me in person or on this blog 95% of the time I will be wearing a nude lip, but I'm liking the fact that I'm no longer convinced that bright lipsticks don't suit me. I love these two lipsticks, they last ages, are really pigmented and for bright lipsticks are easy to apply. They're also both budget friendly with both being under £10.00 and can be bought on the high street! What's your favourite bright lipstick? Maybe one day I'll actually take the next step and wear these out the flat ;)

I hope you all have a great Sunday, I probably should start with some uni work but I think we all know I'll probably spend my Sunday as usual; watching YouTube videos and reading blogs. :)


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