The make up products to help you cheat your way to flawless skin...

Hey Lovelies,

So I think I've mentioned on here quite a few times about how I struggle with my skin. At the moment I am going through a particularly bad skin phase, it's like it's a two year old having a temper tantrum and throwing all it's toys out of the pram. Deciding enough was enough I'm now taking some tablets from the doctors to help clear my skin c and I've also decided that as soon as a 25% student discount for Asos comes up I will be ordering a Clarisonic Mia. Though for the mean time whilst the tablets get to work and I wait impatiently for a code for Asos,I've been using some clever make up items that make the outside world think I have almost flawless skin.. if only they knew eh.

So what are these little miracle make up items that help me out most days? Well I'm going to share my secrets with you all so I hope you all appreciate this ;) These are four items that are all foundations but all you need is a good foundation sometimes to create a flawless base.

Bourjois Healthy Mix: I'm sure you've probably heard me harp on about this foundation before it's a great little drugstore foundation that I love for the fact that it's not too heavy, gives you a dewy effect but not too dewy and gives medium coverage. More of a summer foundation but still gives you that dewy fresh faced look that makes you look like you have a perfect complexion.

Jemma Kidd Light As Air: Now I've not wrote a proper review of this foundation yet but I'm sure you'll see one pop up soon so I won't say too much about this foundation. I've been using this for just over a week and I'm really liking it, it's a medium/full coverage and gives a lovely dewy effect in the places you want it and matte in other places. I know that probably doesn't make sense but with this foundation I don't need to wear powder and I've even noticed that my skin looks quite airbrushed when using this foundation, a new love? I think so.

Estee Lauder Doublewear: I love this foundation so much, it has full coverage but doesn't feel all cakey on your skin and lasts all day and all night. The amount of times that I have used this and it has helped me cover blemishes, under eye circles and give me a fresh faced look that nothing else has managed. With this foundation you don't need to wear concealer it does it all in one go. If you suffer from breakouts I cannot recommend this foundation enough, definitely one of my holy grail products.

Estee Lauder Doublewear Maximum Cover: I've blogged about this quite recently so you all know that I use this a concealer not a foundation, now that I've found the way it works the best for me, I can honestly call this my new best friend. At the moment my skin is so bad I don't want to leave the house, as vain as that sounds but sometimes a bout of bad skin can really knock your confidence but this helps me so much. Every day I am amazed at how little of this can cover everything up, using it with my Real Techniques stippling brush it covers any flaws and makes my skin look as flawless as it can. Another one of my holy grail products that I doubt I will ever be without again.

So that's my four foundations that help me cheat my way to flawless skin, all of them are little life savers whether it's creating a healthy glow, giving a even complexion or covering spots up these are products to do the job. Hopefully in a few weeks time my skin will start to be a lot better, I'd love to be one of those girls who just rocks a tinted moisturiser and looks blimmin' amazing. I aim to be like this one day!

What's your favourite product to help you out on a bad skin day? I hope you all have a great evening :)


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