Osis Refresh Dust- Review

Hey Lovelies!

So most of you will probably know that I have quite long hair, and if you have long hair yourself you will know how tasks such as washing and drying your hair can be quite time worthy and sometimes you just can't be bothered. I know I'm guilty of doing this, I try to wash my hair every two days as I'm quite lucky that within that time my hair doesn't get greasy, though as soon as it gets greasy I head straight to the shower and that's one of my pet hates! To keep my hair looking refreshed in-between washes I turn to dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo can sometimes be my best friend, but my favourite Batiste as good as it is can feel quite yucky in your hair and usually by the end of the day I'm hopping into the shower to wash it out, however I think I may of found a dry shampoo that doesn't actually feel yucky in your hair... dun de duh (that was a drum roll if you couldn't tell) the dry shampoo that I'm talking about is Osis Refresh Dust. I was sent this to review and thought today was the perfect day to try it out as I was only popping into town very quickly to pick up my John Lewis order (HELLO FIRST NARS PURCHASE!) and grab some tea for tonight (oh what a glamorous life I lead) because I'd only be in town for a little while (well I was in town longer than I thought as the John Lewis customer collection point was harder to bloody find than Narnia.) I knew I didn't need to make too much of an effort.

I sprayed the refresh dust into the roots of my hair and was pleased to see it wasn't as grey and powdery as other dry shampoo's, I gave it a few sprays, massaged it in and then gently brushed it out. I'm not sure what I was supposed to do as the packaging said to just spray it so I just did what I do with other dry shampoo's. My hair wasn't particularly looking greasy today but the dust definitely gave my hair a re-freshening but I was most impressed with the instant volume it gave me. I do love using dry shampoo's for adding volume to my hair but with this Osis one I hardly needed to touch it to get volume. I took some pictures for you to see, let me assure you no backcombing was involved just a simple tousle with my fingers.

I'm also impressed that my hair feels clean and soft, no product build up in the roots which is good cause this means you could use this product just for volume and not need to wash your hair instantly the next day. However this seems to be pricier than other dry shampoo's on the market which is a bit disappointing, I've had a little look online and found it varying in price from £8-10 so it might be worth having a look round to find the best deal. You only need to spray a small amount so hopefully it will last a long time. I do like this product, I think it will be great for adding some volume to my hair without making it feel horrible, the price just lets it down slightly.

Have you ever tried anything from the Osis range? I've also heard a lot about the volume dust, I don't think that's the official name but you probably know what I mean! I hope you all have a great Sunday evening :)

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to for review purposes but my opinion as always remains 100% honest. 

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