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Hey Lovelies,

I've always been a real girly girl and pink has always been one of my favourite colours. A lot of what I own is pink from my laptop, Kindle cover and well much, much more. Even though I have a love of the colour pink this doesn't exactly follow through with my wardrobe. I'm a bit guilty of picking neutral colours when it comes to clothes, I just find them easier to mix and match but you know it's time to add a bit of colour when you realise you look like you're going to a funeral not a day at uni.

I was in Topshop browsing the sales just after Christmas as you do and came across a little gem! Before I'd gone shopping I'd had in my head that I'd wanted to get a pink jumper, I'd probably seen one on a blog or something so I was on the look out. So low and behold when I walk into Topshop I see a bright pink jumper on a rail reduced from £40.00 to £25.00, I was like that is exactly what I've been after. I have a little thing of saying to myself if it's in my size then it's meant to be and what do you know it was in my size! I knew now this jumper had to be mine.

Ever since I've bought this jumper I've loved adding some colour to my wardrobe and some other pink items have made their way in to my wardrobe but that's for another date! Pastel knitwear seems to be a big trend this spring so I've been eyeing up some more colourful items for my wardrobe! I also love the fact that this jumper goes with everything, shorts, jeans, skirts, even could be thrown on top of a dress or playsuit. It's so versatile and livens any outfit up!

Are you loving the pastel knitwear trend as much as me? Hope you all have a lovely Friday evening, mine will be spent with the Celebrity Big Brother Final (Frankie or Gareth to win) and some of Mum's home cooked lasagne! YUM :)

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