A bubble bath makes everything better: I Love Cosmetics Review..

Hey Lovelies,

It's Friday hurrah :) one way I love to end a busy old week is by having a relaxing bubble bath. Always a little treat and some quality time to unwind and relax. Choosing the right bubble bath is always important, I always love bubble baths that smell heavenly and create lots and lots of bubbles but don't break the bank either. I think I may of finally found my perfect bubble bath companions in the shape of I Love Cosmetics.

I love cosmetics can be found in Superdrug, Morrisons and the Co-op, I had noticed these products before in Superdrug and always made a mental note to check them out sometime as the flavours seemed right up my street. I was offered by I Love Cosmetics to be sent some products to review, I received them a couple of days ago and I'm already hooked. I was sent the limited edition scent Juiced Up Blackcurrant Bubble bath and shower gel and Coconut and Cream Bubble Bath and Shower Gel.

So let's start with the important stuff, the smell! Juiced up Blackcurrant is a vibrant fruity scent that reminds me of fruit pastilles and wine gums. This is the type of shower gel you'd use in the morning to wake yourself up. When used as a bubble bath, the scent lingered making my bathroom smell like it was encased in a fruity haven. Coconut and Cream however is my favourite scent out of the two, I am a big lover of coconut scents, in fact most of what I own is coconut scented. I love cosmetic's coconut scented products could be my new favourite though as these smell GORGEOUS. There's a twist of coconut and then the most gorgeous sweet smell which reminds me of  Yankee Candle's Christmas Cookie. I love the smell so much I went out and bought the body butter today and I keep sniffing it, I think I'm getting a little addicted ;)

Lots of bubbles :) 

Onto the bubbles, I used both bubble baths last night and both of them filled my bath with fluffy bubbles that lasted most of the duration of my bath. Both products made the bath smell lovely and my skin felt soft when I got out. When used as a shower gel both lathered up into a rich foamy bubble substance and a little goes a long way. The best bit about these products is the price. These massive bubble baths/shower gels are JUST £2.05 and the body butter I bought today was exactly the same price. What an absolute bargain! Even my boyfriend was impressed and that's saying something! I Love Cosmetics have a range of scents to choose from including Strawberries and Milkshake, Vanilla and Ice Cream (need to try this) and Mango and Papaya just to name a few. I literally cannot recommend these enough, they smell so gorgeous, work really well and are so cheap. Look even ducky's liking them!!

My little pink duck loving life...

For more information about I Love Cosmetics, you can visit their website HERE which has links to their Facebook and Twitter pages, I Love Cosmetics can be bought from Superdrug, Morrisons and the Co-Op.

I hope you all have a lovely Friday evening, tonight I'm looking forward to tea, we're making homemade cheese and bacon burgers with chips and then peanut butter kit kat chunky for dessert. I tell you what when I paid for my kit kat chunky the man was like 'eugh this sounds horrible' to his work colleague. I was like excuse me don't call what I'm buying horrible and then ignore me. That's shoddy customer service right there for you. Ha rant over.. have a lovely night and bubble bath if you have one! :)

* I was sent these products for PR purposes but as always my opinion is 100% honest. I'm not just raving about these products because I was sent them , it's because I genuinely think they're the bees knees! (Do bees even have knees?)

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