My new miracle worker: Origins Super Spot Remover Review

Hey Lovelies!

So it's no secret of mine that I struggle with my skin, I sometimes think my skin gets confused by my height and questions my age so gives me teenage skin. I've tried so many lotions and potions over the past few years but none seemed to work so I went looking elsewhere for a miracle product to help me out when my skin went a little crazy. I thought I'd found a keeper in Sudocrem when it came to eradicating spots, unfortunately though me and sudocrem fell out of love when I realised it wasn't doing much for my skin anymore and giving me a pale chalky white face which is every tanorexix's worst nightmare. I knew I needed something else and being an avid reader of beauty blogs a wealth of knowledge was at my fingertips (is this the right saying? I always get my sayings mixed up these days, last week I was proclaiming that I had my finger on the ball and eye on the pulse. Really live up to the Dizzybrunette name at times!)

Anyways I had a little look around my favourite blogs and they all unanimously recommended the Origins Super Spot Remover. I'd heard of this product before but I'd never really investigated into it, I think the £12 price tag put me off, but when my skin had a really bad break out last month I'd of spent any amount to get it looking normal again so £12 didn't seem so bad. I had a £1 John Lewis voucher left so I got it for £11 and three weeks later I'm still singing it's praises.

The Super Spot Remover contains Salicylic Acid, Caffeine and Red Algae as a combination to blast spots away. You squeeze a little bit of the gel onto the area and then let it work it's magic. The gel does sting but personally I like that as I think 'ooh it's working' and I always think 'ha take that you nasty spot!' I've used this on spots and they've gone over night and some it's taken a few days. I have found my spots have gone a lot quicker and haven't touched my sudocrem since. The lotion/gel does give you slight flaky skin (ah how lovely) in the area you apply but it's nothing a little cleanser and muslin cloth can't fix. You can also put this on underneath your make up and no one would know any wiser. I think I'm currently going through the purging stage with my Clarisonic so this is definitely helping out. You can get this product from Boots, department stores such as Debenhams, John Lewis and I'm sure it's going to be on Buyapowa soon too! If you want some more information on it, here's the link to the Origins page.

Do you have a favourite product to use when you get a spot? Let me know!

I hope you all have a great Monday, I'm having a chill day after going to see Olly Murs last night (who I've decided is now in my top 10 of fit celebrity men) I'll maybe get some pictures up of him soon! Have a great day :)


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