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Hey Lovelies!

So it dawned on me the other day that I don't really share the love enough on this blog, by this I mean I hardly mention other blogs.I remember when I was starting out blogging, a couple of other bloggers linked my blog on like a share the love post and it really helped bring some new people to my blog. Now obviously blogging isn't all about how many followers you have or how many page views but I love being alerted to new blogs, after all you can never read too many blogs! I've found some corkers lately that I've really been enjoying reading and most of them when I found them I sat and read as many posts as I could. Here are five blogs that I've started reading lately and think you lot should all check out too.

1. Elle in Wonderland: I came across Elle's blog on Bloglovin and spent a good half an hour after wards reading her previous posts. I love blogs that feature both beauty and outfits and I like variety and Elle's blog definitely fits into this category. Elle's post about La Roche Posay skincare also made me go down to Boots the next day and buy some products! Definitely go check out her blog, for relaxed style and beauty.

2. HelloOctober: Another find on Bloglovin, Suzie's beauty blog is a new favourite of mine. A gorgeous clean, polished layout and clear pictures make HelloOctober a lovely little blog to kick back and have a good read of. Suzie is also gorgeous and I love her hair colour! Her make up is always immaculate and her recent no make up face post has inspired me to get a little more natural with my make up.

3. Little Glitter: Another brilliant beauty blog that again I came across on Bloglovin! Tasmin writes a lovely blog which is full of girly delights, glittery nails, mac lipsticks and hair. I really love the photos and the layout, you've probably noticed that I've been trying a new layout with my photo's on here so this is probably why I was drawn to Tasmin's photos! Little Glitter is just a really lovely blog that features all things beauty.

4. LydiaFayeJones: I've been following Lydia's blog for a few months now but thought it deserved a little mention on my new blogs I'm loving list. Lydia posts outfits and occasional beauty posts but I love her style. High street style at it's best and Lydia always has the most lovely nails! I always lust after whatever clothes Lydia's featured and am currently coveting the mint green peplum top from one of her latest posts. Definitely worth a cheeky follow.

5. Missy Elz: Last but no means least is Stacie's fashion blog which I cannot get enough of at the moment. I've decided Stacie is my new style icon as her style is so up my street it's un true. She has the most amazing wardrobe and the most amazing collection of blazers. I've been really getting into blazers lately so her posts have helped me what tops to wear underneath and how to style them. I always love finding a blog that you can turn to when in a style dilemma. Stacie I want your wardrobe!

So there we go, my new favourite reads. I might start doing something like this more regularly if that's something people would like to see? Also my bedtime reading post is above in the menu bar which links to all my classic favourites and I'll be adding all these girls to my bedtime reading list! I hope you enjoyed this post and it's always nice to share the love because I've think that lately the blogging community has been a little negative and well Sunday nights don't seem to pass with a twitter drama, so let's share the love. We're all bloggers, we all love make up and fashion, we are all the same. :) I hope you all have a lovely weekend :)



  1. yes yes yes please i would love more of these! xx

  2. Love getting good new blog recommendations. Cheers hun!

  3. I love reading posts like these because I love finding new blogs to read.I have found yours today from Amy (flawsandall twitter account) :) Love your blog and I'll definitely follow it for new posts. :)

    I agree with you.Bloggers should support each other for we all share the same passions. I have a beauty blog myself over at I hope you can check it out and follow it if you like what you see. ;) I would really appreciate it.Thanks. Take care :)


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