Thinking Pink For Spring: Neon Jeans Outfit

Hey Lovelies!

How gorgeous is the weather today? Well I hope it is where you are as it is so nice here, I've taken part in a spot of sunbathing this afternoon, it's so warm I'm in shorts and a vest top! Not bad for a March afternoon! Seeing as we've been having some nice Spring weather lately I've decided to add some colour into wardrobe to get me into the Spring/Summer mood. I bought these neon pink jeans from ASOS when they were on a special Leap Year offer, they were petite, they were pink and they were reduced.. what's not to love? However when they came they were a little brighter than I'd anticipated and was almost tempted to send them back. However I was brave and wore them to London to an event and got a few compliments, even one from a random lady on the train and I decided that I just couldn't part with these bad boys.

Top: Zara
Jeans: ASOS 
Tan: Xen Tan Dark Lotion 
Crazy Hair: My Own 

I usually team them with this black lace top from Zara and think they work really well together, I'm not too sure of white with them as I don't know if I'd look too ice cream like. Maybe I'll try it one day for now I'll stick to black. I do love these though and think they work quite well with my skin tone! However now I want more coloured jeans, I spotted some orange ones in Topshop the other day and had to restrain myself from buying them. Hmm maybe they can be an Easter present to myself? Less calories than chocolate! Have you brought any coloured jeans into your Spring wardrobe? Do you like my neon jeans?

Right I'm off to go and bask in the sunshine, I hope you all have a great Friday afternoon and evening and enjoy the sunshine! All I need is a cocktail and I'd be loving life to the max!



  1. Lovee the color! Really brings out your tan (which is always good right?!) :)

  2. You look hot! Love your hair!!

  3. I love those jeans i got ones like that today too :) Your hair is so lovely & your gorgeous too <3

  4. Loving the colour !! They look so nice ! xx

  5. Love the jeans. I want to buy bright coloured jeans but it's so hard to move away from blue and black! Looks great with the black. Trish


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