The Only Way Is Ella Tino: Outfit Post

Hey Lovelies!

What a blustery day it was today! I seriously thought at one point I was going to blow away thanks to the very strong winds the weather has thrown at us today! I am a little tired of the constant rain and wind that we seem to have every day at the moment, so I thought I'd wear something a little more summery today to maybe encourage some nicer weather. I was sent this gorgeous Glamorous top from online boutique store Ella Tino. Ella Tino is an online boutique which has loads of brands and was even the sponsors of Essex Fashion week hence the title of this post.. clever eh? ;) I decided to pick this top from Glamorous as I loved the print and the shape is right up my street. I also thought I could wear it now with jeans and then when summer finally arrives I can pair it with shorts/skirts. I decided to style it two ways, one with my aqua blazer from Primark and then with my trusty leather jacket from Miss Selfridge which I like to wear with just about everything!

I want to apologise for A: being able to see my camera remote in these pictures and B: the fact my ironing board is making it's debut. I told it to not go getting a big head now it's on my blog. You know how household appliances can get. 

Blazer: Primark
Jeans: Topshop
Belt: Primark
Ironing Board: Next 

Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Jeans: Topshop
Belt: Primark
Ironing Board: Next 
Handbag: Zara 

It's a really lovely shape and material and something I can see being a staple item in my wardrobe this summer. The material is quite sheer, sheerer than what I was expecting and I don't really have a top that is quite right to go underneath it. This meant I just wore a nude bra underneath, oooh la la! I felt very risque though I bet no one noticed! I haven't photographed the back but it has a little split and gold buttons down the back which I really like. I like tops with back detailing. Ha I just realised what a boring sentence that was ' I like tops with back detailing.' I also love how I've just wrote it again. But yes I love this top and there are a few other things I'm now eyeing up from Ella Tino. Also Ella Tino are running a competition on Facebook at the moment where if you like their page and share the competition image you can win a whole outfit! That includes a item of clothing, shoes and accessories! Pretty good prize if you ask me! The link for Ella Tino's Facebook is HERE and their website is HERE  Also you can get 25% discount by entering dizzy at the checkout :) go on treat yourself ;)

So I hope you've all had a good day and none of you were blown away aka Mary Poppins stylee! I have some good news in the form that my last ever group presentation went very well and also I won this month's Style Compare blogger outfit challenge! Errr whaaaaat? I am very surprised but very pleased so thank you everyone who voted... also this means that I have a £25 Style Compare voucher to give away! I will post about it tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled!! :) Have a lovely evening, I'm looking forward to seeing one of my favourites Caroline Flack on Celeb Juice tonight!



  1. Corrie, I love this! That jacket is to die- mint is so in this year, as you already know! lol, I am doing a series on all the spring trends and colors if you wanna check it out. I didnt come here just to plug my blog, i hate that, i just wanted to letcha know! *and* i nominated you for an award on my blog which will be up later today!


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