The perfect holiday nail polish: Models Own & Hedkandi's Hedonist

Hey Lovelies,

So you probably all know I'm a bit of a sucker for nail polish, especially when it comes to my favourite brands which are Models Own and Barry M. Models Own are edging their way forward in my fave nail polish stakes at the moment and I could hardly contain my excitement when I heard about their latest range with Hedkandi. The range of nail polishes are inspired by holiday hot spot and party destination Ibiza. All the colours are perfect for your holidays but one in particular caught my eye which was Hedonist. I have a vast array of nail colours as you all probably know but there are certain colours that I've been longing for and a neon coral colour was one of those. I have searched high and low for the perfect neon coral but had no avail until last week when I was browsing Boots.

*Warning you may need your sunglasses! 

I hadn't really heard too much about the colours being launched in the Hedkandi range last week so I was pleasantly surprised to see a bright neon coral in my local Boots. I literally grabbed it and ran to the till, I could hardly believe after months of searching I'd finally found the colour I'd been looking for and it was from Models Own! There are five colours in the range which are all gorgeous, I did have to restrain myself from buying them all! So when I got home the proof would be in the pudding, would Hedonist be as bright as I hoped? Would this be the neon coral I had been lusting after? The answer is yes, it's exactly what I wanted and when I'm in the sunlight I find myself literally staring at my nails at how bright they are. Hedonist also has the usual Models Own formula, opaque and fast drying, however I have noticed that I've got a few chips already but I think that's down to me using a different top coat to normal. Hedonist is the perfect polish for summer, it makes you look more tanned and well just screams summer!

The Models Own and Hedkandi polishes are available in selected Boots stores now and are online from the 10th April, definitely worth checking out if you like bright holiday polishes! They're five pounds and I got mine as part of the 3 for 2 offer they're running in Boots at the moment! What's your favourite neon polish?

I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday evening, I am looking forward to watching the Apprentice with some pre Easter treats aka Malteaser and Caramel bunnies :)


  1. Such a lovely shade and it looks so beautiful on your nails!

  2. what a fun neon shade!!! love it!

  3. amazing shade! was looking for a real neon colour for absolute donkeys years but nothing loved up to the image i had in my head! managed to find a set of 4 in primark for £2 which are so disgustingly bright its amazing. definitely need more models own in my life though, so much pretty xx

  4. That shade is crazy beautiful! Love it :)xx

  5. This is such a brilliant colour ! xx

  6. aboslutely GORGEOUS! I want this colour :)

  7. Wow!! Love this color. I know it looks great with a tan. I'm so excited about summer and wear bright neon colors. Do you have any recommendations for a neon pink??


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