Pink and Green should never be seen: Christening Outfit

Hey Lovelies!

Long time no speak eh? I'm back down south after a week back home which means back to reality and that blogging and uni work will resume! It was nice to have a break though and I am not looking forward to getting back to work on my dreaded dissertation. One last little treat before we headed back was my baby sister's christening. I've spoke about my Dad and his girlfriend before and how they had a baby about six months ago and now it was time for Esme to be christened. More excitingly though was that both me and my other sister Hayley were asked to be a godmother to Esme. Of course this meant I needed a brand new outfit, I mean I couldn't become a godmother in something I've already worn could I?

Blazer: Forever 21
Dress: Topshop
Belt: Primark
Clutch: New Look 
Shoes: Matalan

I decided to embrace Spring with some colour in my outfit and did the unthinkable of wearing clashing colours. I wore a Topshop lace dress which I fell in love with after seeing Mollie King from the Saturdays wearing on the Daily Mail and a bright pink blazer which I've worn on here before from Forever 21. My boyfriend was a bit disgusted when I announced I'd be wearing lime green and pink together, he said ' Corrie pink and green should never be seen.' I said he'd made that statement up and I think the colours work quite well together! You may think I look like a fruit pastille but I quite like it! I also teamed my outfit with nude accessories, a nude belt from Primark and bargain nude wedges from Matalan which were £14.00, really comfy and looked like a pair of wedges that wouldn't look out of place in Aldo!

The christening itself was a lovely day and I am now officially a godmother, how old does that make me sound? I've decided that when Esme is older I can teach her my knowledge of make up, fake tan and beauty. She may not be taught the perils of the world by me but she will always have an flawless fake tan! Do you like clashing colours? I hope you like my clashing ensemble!

I hope you all have a lovely Monday, I am VERY excited for the return of Made in Chelsea tonight! :)



  1. It looks gorgeous! The colours work lovely together!!
    How much was the pink blazer? Iv been wanting on for ages!
    There's a blog post about coloured blazers here;

  2. i think this outfit looks postively gorgeous and does not clash at all!! you and your boyfriend make such a cute couple and esme is lucky to have someone like you teach her the ins and outs of makeup :)

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