Holiday Lip Treats: Carmex's Latest Offerings

Hey Lovelies,

So a nice little treat popped through my letterbox the other day, some surprise Carmex goodies! Carmex is a brand that I've heard of and seen in Boots/Superdrug but never purchased. Carmex is obviously a range which specifies in lip products. I'm quite lucky with the fact that I never really suffer from chapped lips, the only time I tend to is when it's really cold! But apart from that my lips are quite normal so this means I always tend to forget about buying any lip care products. The three products that I was sent was the Carmex Moisture Plus in Pink, the lip pot original and the Carmex Strawberry lip balm.

Carmex Products*

Now I haven't tried the Strawberry one just yet as I'm saving it for mine and my boyfriend's trip to America. My boyfriend always manages to sunburn his lips so I thought this strawberry version which has a SPF of 15 would be perfect for New York, Orlando and Miami weather. I just hope it doesn't tint your lips red! But I my have been loving the other two products. The lip pot original is now next to bed and I  apply it every night, as I realised I can look after my lips even when they're not chapped and I love the minty tingly sensation that the original pot delivers. You can really feel it working! Then I've also loved the Carmex Moisture Plus which is like a lip tint and a lip moisture product all in one! I got the shade pink and it's a real sheer baby pink colour which is great on it's own or for putting over the top of a lipstick. It feels tingly too and makes your lips really soft whilst they're a pretty colour. I've spied there's a peach version too that I might have to get as I am obsessed with peach at the moment! All in all I'm very impressed and also love the prices! Everything is under £5.00 and the packaging makes it look a lot more expensive! You can get Carmex from Boots, Superdrug and supermarkets.  Do you use Carmex products?

So I hope you all have a lovely Monday evening, today marked a big day for me as I have officially finished university! I handed in my last essay today so I'm all done! I feel a bit weird cause it still feels like I have work to do but I'm sure it will sink in soon! I have a few days of celebrating coming up, including Pizza Express for lunch, a night out with my course mates (which I guess will be messy) and a exciting blogging event. Maybe I'll have a lady of leisure week then I'll start the job hunt. Oh Joy! Have a great evening :)


  1. I love the moisture plus lipbalms, so good!

  2. What a great thing to come through the post. I love Carmex, I suffer all the time from really dry lips and find this stuff is such a miracle!


  3. Oh that is a lovely treat through the letterbox! I love caramex, I have the Strawberry lip balm and the smell is amazing. I read last year online that Cheryl Cole wore it (something you might be interested in!) and the day after I marched straight out to Boots to get it! Like you say, its great how you can really feel it working. Though I had it in my school bag for a while and its got a bit dirty so that's annoying- I guess I'll just have to buy more! Congratulations on finishing uni, what an amazing feeling it must be to know that you never have to sit another exam again! I can't wait for that. Sounds like you'll have a fab time celebrating over the next few days and good luck with the job hunting! Thanks for a great post as usual :)

    Julianne xx

  4. Congrats on being done with uni ! I really want to try the tinted carmex ! xx

  5. Congrats on finishing Uni!

  6. The Carmex moisture Plus looks so nice! I'll be checking out the pink and peach tomorrow. Anything peach wins me over at the moment, although that pink is lovely so possibly wouldn't be able to miss out on that one either! xx

  7. Carmex in a stick is great, I don't use anything else (being a student doctor, I take issue with putting fingers in pots then putting it on your lips!) It dispenses just enough, as I find the mini tube gives too much.
    You can get a normal one, non tinted non flavoured (essentially the pot version but in stick form) but it's very hard to find here in the UK. I get mine from an Afro Caribbean hair shop which I presumes imports it from America so look out for it while you're out there!

  8. I swear by the Carmex Original lipbalm pot :)



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