Introducing The World's Worst Student: Night out outfit

Hey Lovelies,

So as you may know, yesterday saw my last hand in for university. Luckily I had everything handed in on Monday so this means that I am free and no longer a slave to university work. Oh how I'll love never having to Harvard reference again. Of course a momentous occasion such as finishing university needs to be celebrated, so a course night out was arranged for us all to let our hair down! Last night was the night and well you probably all know that I don't tend to go out that often, I don't really have the money to spend on nights out and any money I do have to spend I want it to go on make up and clothes! So yes I am a very boring student but I'm happy and everyone's different right? Anyways I definitely lived up to my world's worst student status as I was home by 1am! Though being the lightweight that I am that didn't stop me having a horrible hangover this morning, thankfully after some beans and toast I am feeling a lot better!

For someone like me, the getting ready part is the best part of going out, make up is more dramatic, hair is bigger and clothes are more glam. I had a bit of a wardrobe crisis and felt like I was going out in the world's most boring going out outfit, I do however love the colour of these topshop shorts, they will be perfect for summer! I also donned some false lashes, and trying out a new foundation which I have to say may be a contender for a favourite foundation ever! Though more about that very soon! So I thought I'd pop up last night's outfit and you can all have a laugh at my lame ness! Is anyone else more of a stay at home girl? Make me feel better!

Top: H&M
Shorts: Topshop 
Bag: New Look 
Necklace: River Island

Right so I'd better tootle off as I am off to my first Benefit event tonight! Ahhh so excited! It's also a little closer to home and not in old London town so looking forward to not having to face the tubes! I'm also going with the lovely Michelle, so it will be nice to have a catch up en route! I will tweet about it though and I'm taking my camera so look out for that! So I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday afternoon/evening, if you're hungover too, try beans on toast! ;) 


  1. You look STUNNING! Love this whole outfit

  2. You look so gorgeous Corrie. From your ensemble which btw looks we put together and stylish, to your gorgeous big hair and flawless make-up - I'm inlove :D

    I'm so with you. I'm a university student aswell but I don't feel the need to go out on a night out like my other peers. I don't think I need to get wasted to have a good time which probably makes me sound so old and uncool. I'm only 19 but like you I would prefer to stay home and save all my money to buy my make-up and clothes.

    But I have a major problem. I hate spending money on food aswell. I would prefer to starve inorder for me to afford to fund my beauty addiction. Mad eh? haha :P

  3. love so much this outfit for a girl's night out :) I am definitely a more of a stay at home girl so I totally understand you :)

  4. hold on- you went to Harvard? if you did, wow girl! go Corrie! and secondly I am absolutely much more of a home body. It is a blast to go out sometimes and get all ready & cute, mingle & such *but* I hate that morning after! plus you have to worry about 2 things at night: drunk drivers and police. the last time we went out we spent like $200 on drinks/cabbies. we were out of town so we promised we were going to splurge but I am with you: I wanna buy makeup & clothes! haha- we have a fire pit here so we like to invite people here for the most part if we feel like kicking back. anywho, next time your blogging on a friday night just know I am right with you (:

  5. plus anyways I would choose the benefit event over drinks at a dive any night!

  6. Beautiful look, I really like this shorts!

  7. I am totally on your wavelength, Corrie! I only went out about 3 times in my final year lol. I was in Bournemouth as well - the hen and stag night capital of the South East! haha. Dressing up is the best part of it though IMO :-)


  8. Love this whole outfit! It looks simple but stylish! I'm a bit the same when it comes to going out! I would much rather go out and have an amazing night once a month than be out every single night. I don't know how some people do that. it must be so tiering haha! Xx.

  9. omg Corrie! These shorts are so amazing I can't even handle it!!! I love the style and the color of them!! Great outfit :) xxx


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