The Liquid Sunshine In a Bottle: Benefit's Sun beam!

Hey Lovelies!

Hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine that we've been experiencing here in the UK! I have been loving having the chance to have a little sunbathe and I am getting a nice natural tan at last! Whooo no more fake tan let's hope :) Although within the past couple of hours I have been suddenly swamped by hay fever, my eyes are streaming, nose is all stuffy and horrible and I'm sneezing every five minutes. I feel like that anti allergy tablet advert where the big flowers are chasing a man around, I feel the big flowers have found me on my balcony lying on my £13 sun lounger. So enough of my hay fever, it's time to get on to the good stuff. A product that will make you look like you've spent your past few days catching some rays. Benefit's newest addition to their line Sun Beam is the topic of conversation today and boy is it a good one!

You may remember (well it was only last week so not that far back to remember) that I went to a Benefit event in Bournemouth for the launch of Sun beam, I'm still dreaming about those scones we had at the event.. obsessed? Slightly. Sun Beam is what Benefit call 'liquid sunshine in a bottle' it's the perfect accessory for the summer. When I first heard about Sun Beam I thought 'this couldn't be more up my street', a liquid bronze highlight? Amazing. I've found that a lot of highlights out there are quite silvery/pink based so it's nice to see a bronze/gold based one but don't worry this isn't just for olive skin tones, it really will suit anyone. The colour is like a champagne colour, and when buffed into the skin it gives a gorgeous warm glow. There's many ways you can use Sun Beam, I've tried three (oooh get me) first of all is the pre make up application, so apply this before foundation and then under your foundation you'll have a nice glow. Secondly is to mix in with your foundation, but only a little bit as  we don't want any Cullen moments. Then thirdly which is my favourite way, applying to cheekbones, the nose and the chin over foundation to give a golden glow. Though I joked about the Cullen reference above you don't have to worry as Sun Beam is what I'd call a subtle highlight, it makes you look radiant and dewy rather than shimmery.

I've been really enjoying using this product, it looks great with peach blush and lips and now that I have a natural tan on my face (and a nose to rival Rudolph) it will look great paired with some tinted moisturiser for a natural look. Sun Beam is probably my favourite highlight ever (high praise indeed) and it will leave you with a bronzed glow that will make you look like you've spent the past ten days in the Caribbean. Sun Beam was launched on Monday and it is priced at £18.50 for 13 ml. You can purchase it from Benefit counters or online here.

Me wearing Sun Beam and swatches. 

So there we go, my new favourite summer product. Have you tried Sun Beam yet? Right I am off to retreat to my sun lounger on the balcony, little embarrassing story for you all, last night I went and bought a sun lounger from Argos as I was fed up of sunbathing on a chair, not the comfiest sunbathing equipment. So today I used my sun lounger for the first time and I thought I'd set it up properly but I sat down on it and the top bit collapsed meaning I went flying back legs in the air, on my balcony! I'd not put the legs down properly (no I wasn't too heavy before you ask) luckily this was at 10am so hopefully no one saw me, if they did though I will claim I was doing a intricate dance move. I hope you all have a lovely evening :)


  1. I can't wait to treat myself to this, it looks amazing on you! I love high beam but find it slightly too pink, especially with a tan so think this could be a winner!


  2. I love liquid bronzers they give off the best colour! Got to get my hands on Sun Beam. Thanks for the review,


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