Paw Paw Creme Blush by Jemma Kidd: Review

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So you should all know by now that I am a fan of a peachy cheek. Yes I'm talking about blusher and not bum's. I feel I may of finally found my perfect powder peach blush in the form of Illasmasqua's Lover but I'm still looking for the perfect cream peach blush. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with cream blushers, most of the time I can't get them to work on me which always annoys me. I have found a love for the Topshop cream blushers which are a cream to powder formula making the application a lot easier but I still haven't mastered the pure cream blush application. I thought that I may of found my perfect cream peach blush in the form of Jemma Kidd's Make Up School's Paw Paw. A gorgeous peach shade that screams summertime make up. I couldn't wait to use it, so much so that  I couldn't even wait to take photographs of this before using it... I know tut tut naughty beauty blogger.

Paw Paw like I mentioned above is a pure peach colour that looks especially good when you have a tan, I felt it definitely suited my skin tone and complimented my current lip colour of choice Coy by Topshop. However it's longevity has let its self down. I do find that this is quite a hard blush to apply, I used my Real Techniques Stippling Brush which made applying a lot easier, I found it near enough impossible applying with my fingers which I found a shame as I really like the whole natural look when you apply a cream blush with your fingers. I found that doing this messed up my make up underneath which was a shame. When applied with the stippling brush it looked really nice and I thought this is a really nice colour and I liked the more dewy look that you don't get with a powder blush.

Me wearing Paw Paw 

 However a few hours later I looked into a mirror to find that my blush had faded quite a lot and made my cheeks look quite patchy. I looked like I had a rash, it was not pretty. Now I'm guessing this probably is a blush that you have to top up throughout the day, being used to a powder blush I am not used to this so I was a bit shocked. I also have oily skin which means that products don't last as long on my skin as say they would on dry skin. This kind of tinted my opinion of Paw Paw, yes it is a gorgeous colour but I didn't like the fact that it didn't last very long on me and left me with patchy make up. I will be trying it a few more times and of course topping it up through the day, but I don't think I have found my perfect cream peach blush just yet. I have read some other reviews of this blush this week who have all loved it, so keep in mind this is my opinion and I'd rather give it to you guys straight and let you know the down side of the product too. I do think this is a lovely blush but I still prefer Topshop's Head Over Heels in the peach blush comparison. If anyone has any tips for applying cream blusher send them my way, maybe if I changed my technique of applying I could get Paw Paw to last longer! Paw Paw by Jemma Kidd is priced at £13.00.

I hope you've all had a good Tuesday, I have been an absolute fail with regards to uni work today! I have three hand ins and about two and a half weeks left of university life and I still find myself on Youtube watching make up videos. Tomorrow will be the start of going to the library every day I think! I can be lazy when I'm free from uni! Whoooooo! I hope you all have a lovely evening :)

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  1. This shade looks lovely on you ! xx


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